Monday, September 1, 2008

Thoughts on Sarah Palin, Hurricane Gustav

Even though Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska, she is still a nice, naive woman where national and world politics are concerned. I know the upcoming GOP convention will be her Warholian 15 minutes of fame, but it's cruel to take her out of her safe niche and throw her to the wolves who will expose how shallow her thinking is.

 After she and her family get mistreated and abused and lose the election, I doubt that they can go back to their former lives. They are not rich people like the Bush family, or Al Gore, or John Kerry, or John McCain, who can use their money to insulate themselves from the rest of society. They will have to go back to Alaska and live with their shame, and people can be cruel. It may affect her marriage and the health of her youngest child. On the bright side, maybe John McCain will give them one of his houses!


My nephew works for American Medical Response out of Mobile, Alabama. Prior to the knowledge that Gustav was coming, they had been hiring unqualified people without their state certification to work part-time rather than give their employees overtime. Now that FEMA has contracted them to use their employees, they are scrambling to get their old, more experienced employees who had quit on them hired back. My nephew is certified for over 6 states in the region, so he can be deployed just about anywhere the hurricane hits.

He is currently in the city of New Orleans with the National Guard. Because there are no restaurants open for business, and his company didn't give him any money up front for things like food, he's had to go begging the National guard for MRE's, and looting a local hospital for supplies for his ambulance. Despite these handicaps I know that he will do a good job, for it's the unsung heroes like him that save lives when disasters strike.

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