Monday, September 8, 2008

Honesty in Politics?

Probably more people than ever before are following the elections this year, and all of the blogging on the Internet has played a large part. I want to thank all 5 of my readers...

Most of the mud throwing has been about the candidates spreading lies in their speeches, lies about their positions on issues in the past, lies about what their opponents did or did not do, lies about what their opponents are going to do if elected. 

Each time an election cycle starts, we hope that the candidates will be more honest and behave ethically towards their opponents; but every time it devolves into a dirty mess, and we feel soiled. We tout our country as the greatest proponent of democracy in the world, then let folks like the Bush administration make a mockery and fools of us all.

Barack Obama says its time to change Washington, and because the polls have shown that it resonates with the public, John McCain is suddenly trying to out-change him. The cynic in me says that neither will accomplish much change because the whole system needs a complete overhaul. Our society is still too racist and we are too disrespectful of our fellow man. In short, we are all too human.

I think the best way to conduct the presidential debates, and any time a politician talks to the public, is to hook them all up to lie detectors, with the results shown on the screen as they are speaking. It may not be an accurate measurement of how truthful one is, but it will make things more fun.

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