Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Wants to Cancel Friday's Debates

Congress has been working around the clock for the last five days trying to hammer out a plan for the financial bailout, and it looks like they will have it accomplished within the next few days. Even President Bush went on television this evening to talk to we, the people, to reassure us about it and not to panic.

This morning Barack Obama called John McCain and suggested that they both put politics aside and issue a joint statement on supporting Congress's efforts. In response, Senator McCain issued a statement saying that he was going back to Washington and help solve the crisis, and that their upcoming debate should be cancelled. Senator Obama's response was no, a President should be able to do more than one thing at a time...

It seems that John also cancelled his appearance on the David Letterman show, saying that he was on his way back to the Capitol. David found out that the Senator wasn't leaving until the next morning and was in another studio taping an interview with Katy Couric. David then showed the live feed to his audience, and when McCain asked if there were any more questions, shouted out "Yeah, I have one. Do you need a ride to the airport?"

I see this as a setup. It's the Republicans who are holding up and stalling on the bailout plans. Suddenly, John McCain flies in, rallies his troops around him, they finish hashing out the details, and he is lauded as our new hero, who's leadership helped solve the financial crisis. All scripted and served to us on a platter so his poll points shoot upwards again.

Except President Bush has taken some of the wind out of his sails by inviting both Senators Obama and McCain to the White House tomorrow afternoon for a briefing and meeting on the crisis with other administration officials and Congressmen. So, there's no reason to cancel the debates unless McCain is running scared away from them. All Barack has to do is piss him off and get him to explode in anger like he usually does, and it could be the nails in the coffin for the carpetbagger who moved to Arizona just to run for Congress.

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