Friday, November 18, 2011

GOP Frontrunners, Jerry Sandusky American Paedophile

"There's another Republican presidential debate tonight. This one is focused on why there were so many Republican presidential debates." – Jimmy Kimmel
"Mitt Romney said he created thousands of jobs at governor of Massachusetts. Rick Perry said he created thousands as governor of Texas. Herman Cain said he tried to create a number of jobs for women but now he's getting attacked for it all of a sudden." – Jimmy Kimmel

"If I were Mitt Romney, I wouldn't show up anymore. I would just go to Hawaii and wait it out until the election, drink some caffeine free Diet Coke and watch Herman Cain and Rick Perry self-destruct." –Jimmy Kimmel

"The harassment allegations keep coming at Herman Cain -- like an uninvited hand up a pleated skirt." –Stephen Colbert

David Letterman's "Top Ten Herman Cain Pick-Up Lines"

10. "You're like a Godfather's pizza: a little doughy, but still hot"
9. "My name's Herman and I'll get you squirmin'"
8. "May I stuff your crust?"
7. "You put the 'ass' in National Restaurant Association"
6. "Can I buy you a glass of whatever Rick Perry is drinking?"
5. "Would you describe yourself as the litigious type?"
4. (Video: Newt Gingrich having sex with a vending machine)
3. "Baby, you're worth the forty grand in hush money"
2. "You don't know Gloria Allred, do you?"
1. "My tax plan is 9-9-9, but you're a 10-10-10"

There are about 12 more Republican presidential candidate debates left, which means that there will be at least 12 more lead changes in the polls. Every time one candidate jumps ahead, attention is paid to what they have been saying and reported on, making them appear to be the fools and craven liars they actually are. If there are any moderate Republicans left, they must be worrying if they'll ever be able to find a candidate who appears rational to the national audience.

After the last debate, and Herman Cain's melt-down over Libya, Newt Gingrich leaped towards the head of the pack, with a 32% approval rating. During the debate he answered the question, what did you do for the $300,000 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid you, by saying that he answered some questions they had as a consultant, and did it in a historical way. No, he never has been a lobbyist ever in his life, ever, ever... Then the housing authorities answered that they had actually paid Newt over $1.6 million, and his job was to sell their housing policies to Republican Congressmen. So far, Newt has not offered to return the money, nor change his definitions of lobbying. It's lobbying when everyone else does it, and historical consulting when he does it. And don't quote him on anything that he's said before, because you will then be called a liar by Mr Gingrich, who keeps forgetting that its all recorded on the Internet...

Rachel Maddow contends that Herman Cain is not a serious presidential contender, that he is in reality an art project because he keeps making obscure references to cartoons and movies in his speeches. The most famous one is that his 9-9-9 economic plan was lifted from The Sims 4 computer game. Other rhyming lines in his speeches come from Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 (I'm the brother from another mother), and the Simpsons Movie (I'm a leader not a reader)... I keep getting spam links to Cain's 9-9-9 website, sent to me by an Ed Thurston, who is an automated software program named with reference to Thurston Howell 111 from Gilligan's Island???

I think that Herman being an art project to make pop culture references to see if we get them, may be giving too much intellectual credit to Mr Cain. He never reads a newspaper or magazine, is worse informed that Sarah Palin ever was, and doesn't seem capable of changing his ways, instead defends his ignorance. Personally, I think Herman Cain is a man who was selected by the Koch Brothers to be their black candidate, and he saw it as a way to rake in a few million. Which is why his wife has kept out of campaigning until she was dragged in by his previous sleazy behavior. The references to cartoons and black comic actors may be Herman Cain's idea of quick thinking - when pressed, his mind goes to these cliches that he has stored away in his unconscious, and they are retrieved when he can't think of anything else to say. There will be many more of these kind of moments if Mr Cain's candidacy continues, and he has to sit down and answer specific questions. In the past all he's had to do was walk away from reporters, and he won't be able to do that as much, not even with Fox News.

Jerry Sandusky, who currently is out on bail and seen showering at Penn state two weeks ago, is part of a lengthy past of paedophiles in the US. So far he has been classified as a loner, who used the charity he created to cull out young boys to have sexual relationships with. But investigators should look farther to see if he ties up with any paedophile rings, new or old. In the past there have been paedophile groups that included politicians, police chiefs and judges, rich businessmen, and celebrities. During the 1970's in Nebraska, their was a paedophile ring that had a wealthy businessman pimping out orphans from Father Flanagan's School for Boys, and also used runaway girls to populate cocktail parties for politicians (The Franklin Coverup). George HW bush is said to have attended a few... There have been other paedophile groups arrested in Los Angeles, St Petersburg, Russia, Japan, Thaland, Portugal, and in 14 other countries. Here in Colorado Springs we recently have had local police and soldiers from Fort Carson who have been arrested for being sexual predators with children.

The good news is that most child pornography sites on the Internet are traps set by the feds, who then capture your IP address and track your computer activities. They have over 100,000 they are tracking and spying on this way. In Pennsylvania, heads should roll for attempting to cover up these crimes for over 12 years, because it might affect the $70 million that football annually brings to the college. The charity Second Mile should be disbanded for not looking into previous allegations and gossip concerning Sandusky, and allowing the charity to be the predatory hunting grounds for little boys.

We definitely need to have more conversations on subjects like paedophillia and sexualizing our children. In Europe the age of consent is lower, and what we see as abuse, they take for granted as normal. But predatory behavior is never OK, and the real child porn sites involve infants and snuff films, things that you or I can't ever imagine happening to a kid, and using a religious based charity to fool innocent children into trusting you, is a good place to start telling these people that this behavior is not acceptable. Unfortunately, there is no cure for paedophillia, these folks are stuck with their obsessions for life, but we should at least be able to find a way for them to manage their obsessions, like quitting smoking. If we had a patch for that, would Jerry Sandusky take it? The only time he shows remorse is when he's been outed, and then it's fake remorse at that, similar to Herman Cain denying that he ever put his hand up a woman's skirt...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Clueless Cain Confounds Candidacy, Rick Perry Spends Over $400,000 Per Week To Forgive His Gaffes

"When Herman Cain was in charge of the National Restaurant Association, there were allegations of sexual harassment. They have revealed one came from Sara Lee." – David Letterman
"Turns out 999 was just his rating system: she's a 9, she's a 9, she's a 9." – Jay Leno

"Of course, Cain still doesn't get it. Like he said he will address all these charges at a press conference tomorrow at Hooters." – Jay Leno

Top Ten Signs Herman Cain Is Losing It

10. Plans to raise funds by suing himself for sexual harassment
9.  Now smokes more than his campaign manager
8.  Was recently found hiding in a drainpipe with a golden gun
7.  Keeps asking voters if they want to touch his mustache
6.  Claims Justin Bieber is his father
5.  Campaigning as his hilarious alter ego, Pee-Wee Herman Cain
4.  Just paid a visit to Dr. Conrad Murray
3.  Spent last of campaign funds betting on the Colts
2.  Gave rambling, drunken speech -- oh I'm sorry, that was Rick Perry
1.  He's engaged to Kim Kardashian

Well, I just had a few days lost in the ozone, consequences from not taking my daily meds. I also became very depressed, partly from the news last weekend that Israel was threatening to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. I am so tired of writing negative things about Israel, why can't they just go back to their policy from before 1992, when Iran wasn't their largest existential threat? Having a #1 bogeyman ensures that the ruling party can control the country. Much of the manufactured paranoia begins in Israel, and if it works, becomes adopted in the US by Republican fearmongers. Prior to 1992 the two countries had diplomatic relations, and Israel even sold Iran weapons. Even now Israel enjoys eating pistachios grown in Iran that have been exported to Turkey, where they are relabeled and shipped into Israel, an open secret... I get soo tired of trashing the right wing policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, that I could easily commiserate with Nicholas Sarkozy calling Netanyahu a liar, and Obama trying to soothe him by saying yeah, but I have to deal with him almost every day... Just as we begin to see real hope in the changes going on in the Middle East, Israel wants to ruin it for everyone, all because their leaders are getting old and impotent... To add insult to injury, I had to find out from a television commercial from a lawyer, and not my doctor, the detrimental side effects from a prescription I had been taking for the past three years...

But the recent Republican debate helped to cheer me up. Thank god we have a bunch of dumbass losers running for the Republican ticket, because there are only 13 more debates scheduled until we vote and choose one of them. The theme of these debates seem to be who can appear more right wing than the others, except for John Huntsman, who sounds the most sane and reasonable. Unfortunately for John, his approval ratings went down from 3% before the debate, to 0% afterwards, being called Mit Light...

Most people tune into these verbal slug fests to see who will crash and burn in real time, and this last one did not disappoint. Rick Perry had a giant brain freeze, where he lost rack of his thoughts and melted under pressure; looking at his notes didn't help, al he could do was to admit he forgot and then went "oops!" A week before, Rick gave a bizarre performance while giving a speech, with giggling, slurring of his speech, and weird outbursts in the middle of a sentence. Everyone thought that he was drunk, though I thought he took too many anti-anxiety pills. With his brain freeze, he proved that he wasn't drunk at all - he's just a doufus, and incredibly stupid man who never has had to prove or defend himself on the public stage, and is sinking his campaign. However, he has guaranteed a large audience at the next couple of debates, just to see what embarrassing thing he will do next before he withdraws his candidacy. 60% of his campaign funds come from rich Texas boys, and if they get tired of his gaffes, he won't be able to afford campaigning anymore. According to Politico, the Perry campaign is: "currently spending more than $400,000 a week on television and radio advertising in Iowa, presenting a determinedly folksy appeal. He’s also spending more than $100,000 a week on television advertising in New Hampshire and more than that blanketing Granite State radio."

Herman Cain is glad that Rick Perry took the heat off of his behavior problems, of being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace several years ago. I'm going to say some things about Herman and it won't be pretty: Herman's campaign got its start being financed by the super-rich, super-right wing Koch brothers; he was their version of an Uncle Tom political candidate, a black man who had less of a sense of humor than Michael Steele. That Mr Cain had allegations of sexual harassment in his past came from his campaign staff not doing a thorough history, examining his past for anything potentially embarrassing. As to the truth of the allegations, the fact that there are more than two women who say that he was inappropriate probably means that he was. Or, in other words, he's a guy, so he's a pig...

What I find interesting, is that here we have a black man married to a black woman, yet making passes at white women, and none at black women. Does that mean he has anger issues with white women, or a need to be rejected by them? Also interesting, is the only other allegation of sexual harassment against a black man in the government was placed against Clarence Thomas, who is married to a white woman, and was made by a black woman... I'm sure there are endless hours of therapy that could come out of all this, but I'm reminded by a quote I saw in a documentary from the 1970's about Stax records. A young black woman was asked why so many black men seemed to be going around with with white women at the time. She replied that it was because black women just wouldn't put up with their shit...

The next debate is Saturday night. To make it a drinking game, you will have to down a shot every time that Rick Perry commits a gaffe, Herman Cain sidesteps a question about taking a lie detector test or mentions 9-9-9 instead, or Newt Gingrich says something condescending and mean to the journalists asking him questions... Also, down a shot if Michele Bachmann gives a coherent answer... I want to say something about Ron Paul, but I like the old curmudgeon, he's even freakier than me. If only he didn't resemble your creepy grandpa that tries to get along with the children every year and fails miserably...

Oh, and sorry to those two guys who have been emailing me with the same response and link to Herman Cain's website. I published you guys once out of courtesy, but doing it every time you send me an email would be obnoxious. Personally, I'm not impressed with an economic plan taken from a SimCity computer game, not even Herman is able to talk beyond the few talking points he's memorized. He has shown that he's not interested is learning about foreign policy, and the only reason we should vote for him is because he projects friendliness and self-confidence, unless you are a young white woman...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Accusations Against Cain, That Randy Dog, Arab League Proposes Syrian Solution

Dana Milbank
Jesse Jackson

“Y’all were supposed to applaud,” - Herman Cain
"Herman Cain told a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters to go home, get a job, and get a life. That's the Republican version of hope and change, ladies and gentlemen." – Jay Leno
"That's why our blacks are so much better than their blacks." - Ann Coulter

David Letterman's "Top Ten Signs Herman Cain's Campaign Is In Trouble"

10. Can't afford cigarettes for new campaign ads
9. It's been fun, but there's no way we're actually electing a guy named 'Herman'
8. While campaigning, kissed a photo of himself and signed a baby
7. New campaign slogan 'Mayday!'
6. Even Michele O'Bachmann thinks his ideas are nuts
5. He trails Gadhafi's corpse in the polls
4. Refuses to acknowledge the road to the White House goes through me, Dave
3. He's acting less fun-crazy and more crazy-crazy
2. Just accepted million-dollar offer to pose nude in Playboy
1. There's a 0-0-0 chance he'll be president

I tell you, Herman Cain must be a psychic, the way that he can predict the future. When he told Fox News last weekend: “And the other thing that I would add is I’m sure there are going to be some more trumped up charges. People are going to try and dig up things.” Who knew that there would be a third woman coming forward to tell of sexual harassment from the Hermanator, including his invitation to her to come up and see him sometime at a corporate apartment he kept while being in top lobbyist of the US Restaurant Association... Dana Milbank, linked above, relates how Mr Cain quickly went from being Mr Nice Guy to the reporters asking him questions, to morphing into the Incredible Hulk, with bodyguards using elbows and fists to clear the way, as he refused to answer any more questions. It's a scene that fits in better in Syria or Yemen than in Washington, and the scrutiny of Mr Cain has barely begun. Like I said yesterday, its Mr Cain's anger and short fuse that will do him in, unless we find more pubic hairs on the Coke cans...

The biggest news story of the day was buried way back in the NY Times, that the Arab League went to Syria, made a proposal to end the violence, and the Syrian government accepted. The proposal is supposed to go into effect immediately, with the military and police to stop shooting and killing unarmed demonstrators. Supposedly, Bashar al Assad has been looking for a way out of the bloody corner he has painted himself into, and this allows his family to retain control and appear reasonable. The US responded that the only acceptable solution is for Bashar's family to step down. Bashar responded that Syria could easily be the next Afghanistan, so be careful what you wish for...

The Arab League is touting this a dawn of a new era in Middle Eastern politics, mainly because its the first time any country has listened to the Arab League and gone along with their suggestions. Whether they will have enough influence to steer a democratic government in Libya, or get the Egyptian Army to relinquish their strangle hold on the Egyptian government, remains to be seen. Who knows, maybe the rains of the Arab Spring will produce fields of flowers and crops instead of mud and quicksand...

But, just to be sure, and to ease the minds of the Iraqis who don't want us to leave their country, the US will be cramming as many troops into Kuwait as it can fit. Coupled with the predator drones and naval station in Bahrain, we are planning on having quick response units in case Iran responds to the next attack on them from Israel, err, I meant in case Iran moves troops into Iraq...