Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin, Hurricane Ike

When asked by reporters where she got her answer to the Russia question, Gov. Palin replied, "My Magic 8-Ball got stuck on that one, so I asked God." Too bad it was her ego that answered...

OK, I was cruel to her in my last post. It's sad, really, watching this woman getting shredded for being so ignorant. What will happen to her and her family after losing the election, and she goes back to Alaska with a husband who's unemployed and five children, one of whom has Down's syndrome? And Alaska has lost all of their earmarks... Will Cindy McCain give her a Budweiser distributorship?

Ahh, but if she wins, I'll bet that Mr. Putin will test her mettle by invading Georgia and the Ukraine within the first 100 days. He's giggling and planning it now. Every despot in the world may be planning similar things and we will be pushed into WW111.


My nephew works for American Medical Response out of Mobile, Alabama. Just like the local AMR here in Colorado Springs, they have made mistakes in almost every paycheck they have given him. They have lent him out to FEMA during the hurricane emergencies, and he's been sent out to Louisiana. They sent him on a truck that was out of commission, it was too old and mechanically unsound, that they claimed they had been saving for FEMA.

Every day that he has been sent out the ambulance has broken down. First, the clutch went out, then the electrical system burnt out and had to be replaced, and this morning the brakes went out. He's scared what might happen if he has a patient on life support and it breaks down again. Luckily, there have been military mechanics able to fix it, but it's embarrassing to have to wait for 5 hours to be towed when you are supposed to be providing emergency relief services.

He and his partner have a place with cots to sleep and a place to shower, but they haven't gotten a paycheck yet. AMR says that he is working for FEMA now, and FEMA says that they pay AMR to pay him. How can he pay his bills back at home or keep his car from being repo'ed? It won't be sorted out until long after Ike has passed, but this is no way to treat people whom you want to depend on. Only their compassion for others and the belief that they can help is keeping them there. And the worst is to come, with Ike due to make landfall soon.

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