Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

My first reaction when I first read about John McCain's pick for his Vice Presidential running mate was, Sarah who? Maybe I haven't been reading enough blogs and websites. But over the last 24 hours there has been more than enough information and affirmations released on her that it's truly amazing how quick the BS factor kicks in today's media. It may be that Sarah Palin was Cindy McCain's pick, showing how much John will listen to his wife.

I'm glad that John didn't pick any of the losers who were considered to be in the top running. He showed some spunk and creativity, and might bring some delight to his campaign after all.He needed to separate himself from George Bush and do it in a polite way. He did it by choosing someone as far away from Washington as you can geographically get, and proving to the old folks in the GOP that he's the one in charge and can make fresh, independent choices.

Did he pander to the 18 million Hillary supporters, hoping to pick up a few million by choosing a woman? Duh, of course he did. It may backfire on him, because Palin's ideals are far away from Hillary's ideals, proving once again that he doesn't " get it. " Or, she might actually show some charm and substance on her own. We'll all get a chance to see at the Republican convention next week.

As for me, I'm looking forward to the Presidential debates. The choice of Palin may negate Biden's attack a bit, trying to be more polite to the woman, while freeing her up to be as nasty as she wants to be. Biden could know what buttons to push on McCain, and show the world what can happen when he loses his temper. I'm looking forward to a feisty, fun contest, maybe no longer lopsided in total favor of Obama. I still think he will win, but the fun factor has been put back in, and for that I thank you, John McCain.

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