Saturday, September 13, 2008

ABC Interview

I'm not sure what it says about our country when a lot of our younger people get their political news from the Daily Show, and the most difficult questions yet asked of a candidate came from The View.

The most frustrating thing about ABC's interview of Sarah Palin is that they chopped it up and served it in edited segments. You never got to watch the whole thing uncensored from beginning to end. Groups that support Ms. Palin felt that it was a hit piece designed to make her look bad, and complain about how the Mainstream Media is a left-wing boogeyman. People more critical of Ms. Palin looked at her performance and tried to separate the rehearsed aspects of her answers from the views that she actually may have.

I've long felt that we really don't need professional politicians, that regular folk could do the jobs just as well. Now I'm rethinking that position and am wondering if you shouldn't be made to take a proficiency exam if you want to seek a political office. I shudder to think that I would have allowed stupid Texans that ignored an order to evacuate Hurricane Ike in office. Basic standards need to be met, so that the George Bushes, Sarah Palins, George Allens, and Rudy Gulianis of this world are kindly not allowed to waste our time.

One of the most telling things I heard, was when some women were interviewed about why they liked Sarah Palin. Well, she's a regular woman just like me, I identify with her, and it gives me hope that I could even be Vice President

Do you think that you are prepared and would make a good Vice President now? Well, no...

I want a politician who's smarter than I am, who spends all of their time studying the world political and economic situation. I want someone who can be a representative of all of the good things my country stands for, not someone who's so jingoistic that they will lead us into World War 111. Maybe I should spend more time listening to Bob Barr and Ron Paul?

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