Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RNC Day 1

So the Republican National Convention didn't really open, coverage from Hurricane Gustav took over the airwaves instead. I think Laura Bush and Cindy McCain gave some speeches about the hurricane, something along the lines of let them eat cake? I was hoping to be able to contrast Cindy's speech with Michelle Obama's, but wisely the RNC officials didn't want that to happen.

Tonight President Bush will give a speech by telecast, probably because he's too chicken to show up in person. I don't know why the candidates snipe back and forth about who's fit to be President, when here's the biggest example of a person so obviously unfit and we've had him in office for eight years. His lies to the American people have been so blatant and in-your-face that on many occasion I have waxed nostalgic for just the good old I-have-not-had-sex-with-that-woman days. Let's see, am I impressed by the misguided arrogance that costs us billions of dollars and thousands of lives, or one case of oral sex with no-one looking?

Anyway, I don't think I'll have to take notes on shrub's speech. I do hope that there will be someone who will rise to the occasion and give one to rival one of the ones given by the Democrats. I would like to feel inspired here, also. But it seems that the real fun will happen during the upcoming debates, as long as John McCain doesn't cheat like he did at Rick Warren's lovefest. And this is the heart of the matter that bothers me: that John McCain talks about cleaning up corruption and yet relies on the same old negative campaign tricks and using Carl Rove. After being ripped by those same tricks in the past when they were focused on him, he is willing to turn them now at his opponent. And this is the price for one's ambition, taking a backseat to morals, ethics and human decency...

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