Monday, September 22, 2008

We Should End Party Politics

More people than ever before are interested in the current Presidential election. More people are writing, blogging, and creating videos, trying to influence other people's opinions. One of the more interesting websites is Blog Net News, where you can see blogs from every state in the USA.

It's obvious from the Democrat's inability to keep their promises once they became the Senate majority, and how bankrupt the Republicans are by the same, tired tactics that they are using in waging John McCain's campaign, that our two party system really sucks. We need more choice.

By having a salad bar system, where you are allowed to pick someone regardless of their party affiliation, you could end up with some interesting combinations, like a Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin administration. Yep, they'd end up killing each other before the first year was over... Or, how about Ron Paul and Bob Barr, two guys that would make you think, if not scratch your head?

My personal favorite this election cycle would be to pick two Vietnam vets, Jim Webb (D Virginia) and Chuck Hagel (R Nebraska), two straight talking guys who would really shake things up, if not make things a lot more fun.

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