Tuesday, August 1, 2017

More on Those Russian Hookers Peeing on Trump's Bed, My Political Drinking Game

I was disappointed along with everyone else over the hot mess that was The Mooch, being fired after only 10 days, informing us that he wasn't like Steve Bannon, trying to suck his own cock... He was such an outspoken figurehead, profane and crude and rude, that comedians everywhere were licking their lips over the prospect of many Scaramucci jokes to come. I was planning a riff that the Mooch was the sound of Anthony's lips detaching themselves from Trump's ass... The new White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, seems pretty organized, now making all people who wish to speak to The Donald check with him first. Except, of course, for Ivanka Trump, who can sashay past him whenever she wants... She has been trying to lower her profile lately, saying that she doesn't really have that much influence on her father, hoping not to have to own up to some of the decisions she helped make, like the firing of James Comey...

The Daily Beast had an articles about Steve Colbert's trip to Russia, where he was able to enter the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz-Carleton, nicknamed The Pee Room. It hasn't been rented out since the story was published in Buzzfeed, but Colbert obtained the permission to enter the 10 room space that Barack and Michele once rented, and Donald rented also, just to hire a couple of hookers to pee on the bed the Obama's had slept in. One of the questions Colbert asked his Russian handler, who was ex-KGB back when it was the KGB, was would a tape have been made? It is considered standard practice, he was informed...

Two things happened that freaked Colbert out a bit, and were not aired on his show, was when he was
wondering where a camera could be placed, and he lifted a large mirror off the wall, and found an electronics cord dangling out from a hole in the wall. Yes, you can see the mirror in the picture to the far right...Then, one of his crew broke an ashtray that he had brought for the purpose of creating a loud sound to see what would happen. The immediate response was a telephone call asking if everything was all-right, because a bunch of sensor alarms were going off from that room... So, it seems that the Russians have both audio and visuals of both Donald's golden showers, and Barack and Michele in bed, which seems a double creep-out. But it seems to be standard operating procedure in Communist countries; I know that China has some videos of me in hotel rooms and in my compartment on the train... I really didn't mean to steal that greasy towel, it just jumped into my backpack when I wasn't looking...

The role that Putin has decided to play is that of a patient, wise uncle, waiting for a hot-headed American Congress to cool down and deal with him on a level-headed basis. But, of course, we will have to deal with these new sanctions against us by kicking most of your embassy staff out of our country, it's just tit for tat... If Congress had played it smart, it would have named individually the people it wanted sanctions against, then Putin would have a harder time using them for his propaganda... and speaking of sanctions, the same bill with the Russian ones also had more for North Korea and Iran. Now Iran is saying that the new sanctions may violate the nuclear arms treaty it signed with America... It's ironic that we have a bug up our butt over Iran, which is the most democratic country in the middle-east, if not the only one left after American interventions.

If you were playing a drinking game over who would get fired next or who Trump would throw under the bus, last week  you would not have had a sober moment. My drink of choice is Belle Meade bourbon, made in Tennessee... Trump has hired and appointed such a bunch of incompetents that I can't feel sorry when I see them go, I just wish he'd fire some more people on my wish list. It's hard to imagine how anyone could have functioned like Trump has and lasted 70 years. He won't be impeached because he will give himself a heart attack from yelling and being angry so much, along with Bill O'Reilly and Alex Jones. Many of our top CEO's and successful rulers of business empires are just as dysfunctional as Trump and Tillerson, they don't do well in the light of day. Right now we are the poster for the phrase that

"Democracy is messy, and it's hard. It's never easy"
                                                                  Robert Kennedy, Jr.