Friday, September 26, 2008

Yea, the Debate is ON!

I've been looking forward to the Presidential debates for their sheer entertainment factor, much like a good football game, or more accurately, a good boxing match. I'm looking for low blows, head butts, maybe an ear bitten off, and lots of blood smeared all over. Now that John McCain is being dragged to the match, I hope he is up to the task.

I worry because he and his running mate have not been looking, well, very Presidential lately. We've had pundits like George Will and Karl Rove dumping on John, and even super conservative columnist Kathleen Parker has changed her mind and rescinded her support of Sarah Palin. Carl Bernstein wrote an incisive article on the reasoning for choosing Ms. Palin. He had spent much time with Senator McCain, his wife, and their children for a piece back in 2000. His conclusion, like so many others have been saying, is that John McCain is not the same person he was back then. He is not sticking to his avowed principles, his campaign is using the same underhanded advertising that people are fed up with nowadays, and his choices do not seem to be the calm, reasoned ones that befit a President.

I wish for a good, spirited debate, to play the drinking game where you take a drink of alcohol every time McCain mentions his POW experience, but I'm afraid that it will be a one-sided affair with Obama's oratory skills shining through. Of course, he could not be in top shape and be lethargic like he sometimes seems, where people think he comes across rather professorish. Neanderthals that we are, spraying blood and cutting your opponent is more satisfying than a well thought out and articulated argument. I can't wait.

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