Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Day 2

I was going to play a drinking game, have a drink every time someone mentioned John McCain's POW experience, but I would have been passed out by 8:30 pm. Good thing I'm diabetic and gave up drinking awhile ago...

This was a better evening with back to back speeches that moved briskly. The theme seemed a bit creepy, trying to outdo the Democrats but proving why the Republicans just don't get it. Stealing the " change " theme and calling theirs authentic defies logic. Want change? Then elect us even though we control Washington and could make these changes anytime we really want to. Inspired by the speeches at the Democratic convention? Well, feel doubly inspired by how patriotic we are, how militaristic we are without mentioning the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. I guess that explains all of the empty seats. Also, the eleven year old grand-daughter asked " where are all of the black people? "

The whole Bush family was there for a video tribute to H.W Bush, except for Jeb Bush, who must have stayed at home eating his bitter pills, and our current president, who sent his speech in by video. There was another video tribute to Ronald Reagan thrown in for no reason at all, unless the very name makes you salivate.

The best speech of the night came from Fred Thompson, who gave a dramatic reading of John McCain's POW experience. I think he got lost halfway through and added a couple of beatings and broken bones, but nobody noticed. Every person of my generation that I have talked to that has also been in Vietnam has been critical of the way John keeps answering questions by referring to his POW imprisonment, as if it makes him especially qualified to give you an answer. Too bad Fred couldn't give this good of a speech when he was campaigning for himself. Though you came away feeling better about John McCain, there was no substance in it, no defining exactly what his policies are going to be.

Tonight will be Sarah Palin's speech. She has been set up so that she cannot flinch or fail and must give the speech of her life. Can a great speech be written on such a short notice? We'll see.

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