Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remember the 2000 Election?

Ok, we know that Karl Rove is only consulting with the McCain campaign, and has more allegiance to George Bush. Two of his fellow Lee Atwater disciples are helping to design ads, and I think the worst is yet to come, as they will try to take people's minds off of the results of the upcoming debates.

These are the people who ran a smear campaign against John McCain by saying that he:

Had been brainwashed while a prisoner of war.

The senator's adopted Bangladesh daughter was his love child.

Had infected his wife with VD.

Had turned her into a drug addict.

Was connected to the Mafia with the Keating Five.

The results were that John McCain dropped out of the race. Not once did George Bush repudiate or apologize, much like John is not doing when confronted on the lies that he has been spreading. I guess if you can beat them, then you can join them...

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