Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bailouts, Debates, and Palin, OH MY!

Congress is supposed to have the terms of the bailouts negotiated by the end of Sunday, which is when Hell is scheduled to freeze over. Looks like snow is coming early again this year to Colorado. The weird thing is that you have a bunch of Republicans who are against the plan formulated by their Republican administration, and the Democrats are treating the warning very seriously, wanting to help out as much as they can. In the meantime,the largest bank failure in our history has begun, and if  more people start taking their savings out, many more will be fore sale on the cheap.

The reason that so many people are sceptical if the bailout will work, is that nobody has made any guarantees. The people who are telling us how bad things are this very minute, are the same people who have been telling us for the last two years that they had everything taken care of and not to worry. Plus, the numbers involved are extremely large; they are just imaginary numbers, not real to me and you. It proves how our system, based on a mythical currency called dollars, is so much smoke and mirrors. I wonder if I can use my Tommy Bahama shirts as barter at the grocery store...

I enjoyed the Presidential debate Friday night, it whetted my appetite for the ones to come. I was also surprised by how many people thought Barack Obama won, it just solidified the jump in the polls he's had this last week. Unfortunately for me, every male in the US thought of it like a prizefight, myself included.

And, like sharks circling a seal or surfer bleeding in the water, the media is beginning to work itself into a frenzy over the upcoming VP debate on Thursday. Some are wondering if the McCain camp will get it cancelled, fake a family emergency within the Palin household. Other are gleefully expecting just as many questions on foreign policy, as Joe Biden is much more knowledgeable on the subject than John McCain and Barack Obama put together. Take off the gloves and wrap their hands in gauze with ground glass glued to it, like the old Muay Thai fighters used to do before the turn of the century.

Based on how poorly Sarah has shown herself during interviews so far, and the silly photo ops with lapdog public figures like Henry Kissenger, the fears are that she will majorly embarrass the GOP and her running mate. Conservative intellectual elites have begun to call for her withdrawal from the campaign, giving her a no confidence vote being just a simple heartbeat away from becoming President. This reminds me of the admonishment to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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