Monday, December 11, 2017

Donald Trump is the Antichrist, and Roy Moore is His Minion

It's sad when you think about it, if you have a moral compass at all, this stubborn endorsement by Donald Trump for Roy Moore, and Roy Moore's forsaking all Christian beliefs in his bid for Congressional power. Just shows how much the temptation of power is abusive, the way that a 32 year old man can troll the malls in search of teenage girls and abuse their trust in order to cop a feel... In this way Donald and Roy are kindred anti-souls... Ok, ok, so maybe a thousand other blog posts made this allusion before I did, drawing out the parallels or pitfalls at much greater lengths than I ever could, but I also don't take any of it as seriously...

Trump's legacy began with George W Bush, who thought (or those around him did) that he was initiating Armageddon by going into Iraq and Afghanistan, thereby creating ISIS and the rise of autocratic states in Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. Many thought that Barack Obama would then be the Antichrist, but we all know that the Antichrist would never register as a Democrat...

That task has befallen upon an outsider, someone who is neither Democrat, or really, Republican. Behold, a Pale Golfer... Someone who is gullible enough to do what an old alcoholic named Bannon tells him to do to destroy the United States from within, and be elected with help from the Russian state. As an aside, if Steve Bannon and Dick Cheney went out to lunch together, which one would creep Melania out first...

All I ask is that when Donald is impeached he takes the false Christians Roy Moore and Mike Pence
with him, along with those horrible cabinet choices that only a senile old man could make... But, if Donald fills out his term, the Republican party will have imploded, and one can only guess how many Grand Old Parties will rise to take its place.

We need to have a major overhaul of Congress, My suggestions are:

No-one over seventy is allowed to remain in Congress.

All members of Congress are to have one health plan, and that is Obamacare.

In order to run for any elected position, you have to pass a few competency tests. These include the ability to read, comprehend what you are reading, and have the ability to write clearly. You must also pass a citizenship test similar to what an immigrant takes to receive US citizenship.