Friday, January 9, 2009

WW111 Begins, Hugo Chavez, All Eyes on Illinois

Both Israel and Hamas are ignoring all calls for a ceasefire, and now rockets have been fired into Israel from Lebanon. We are lathering ourselves into a fever pitch and soon it will be too late, the nuclear weapons will be unleashed, and hundreds of thousands of people will die, poisoning much of the earth. Who knows, maybe our fervid evangelicals are right, the end times are coming...

For the past 4 years, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has been supporting some of America's poorest people by giving them free heating oil during the winter months. This has included the Native Americans and rural poor in Alaska that have been ignored by the government.

Earlier this week the program was to be stopped because of the dropping price of oil and the worsening global economy. It was going to cost Venezuela money this year. Say what you will about Hugo Chavez's politics, and he has been able to poke fun at George Bush with this program, but it seems he has a lot of compassion for the poor everywhere, and today he decided to keep the program going. "Some say his latest decision reflects a desire to show solidarity with the poor, and also to show he's a man who sticks to his pledges.

"I'd guess that for the president ... what matters to him is keeping his word, keeping his promise to keep helping the needy," even though Americans face less of a burder now due to lower fuel costs, said Mazhar al-Shereidah, an oil economist at Venezuela's Central University in Caracas For Chavez, such motivations seem to matter more than the economic calculations _ even though oil prices have fallen 67 percent since their July peak, and his government is facing leaner times."  

Of course, many think this is a ploy to get the Venezuelan voter's sympathy because he wants to abolish term limits in a vote come February...

What fun it must be, and how proud the citizens of Illinois must be to held to such ridicule. Today the Illinois legislature voted 114-1 to impeach their sainted, bleepin' Governor, Rod Blagojevitch.

Also, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that it wasn't necessary for the signature of the Secretary of the State of Illinois to be on the credentials of appointment for Senator, that all is required is the signature of the Governor. Now Roland Burris can go back to Washington and present his credentials again. Then the Senate Rules Committee has to rubber stamp it, and Mr Burris will be seated as Senator. All this waste of time making a mockery of our Congressional system; thank you Harry Reid with your towering ego that blots out the sun. Next foolish stop, the Leon Panetta confirmation hearings where we will get to see just how inbred our intelligence community has become... we can rename the CIA to the Central Whining Agency.

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