Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Escape From Gaza, The Roland Burris Show

Israel really blew their chance, they could have had the Hamas rockets disabled and the tunnels blown up, with only a few handful of Hamas knowing. All they had to do was send in Snake Plisskin... I figure if he could Escape from New York, and Escape from LA, how hard would it be to Escape from Gaza? Plus, it could be filmed and the profits could go to building that great moat around the Gaza strip like some Israelis have promoted.

There are two proposals currently being considered while humanitarian aid is being distributed. The first is another cease-fire as introduced by Egypt. The second is a more lasting solution being mediated by the French, but is being held up because of the existence of the smuggling tunnels. Israel wants some guarantee that Hamas will not dig more tunnels to rearm and smuggle more munitions in, and suggestions are being bandied about like the above mentioned moat to international guards patrolling the Egyptian side of the border. The more obvious solution, let Gaza be a part of Israel, removing the economic blockade and granting citizenship to its inhabitants, giving it a chance to build itself up economically doesn't seem to be part of the discussions.

After meeting with Harry Reid and other Senate majority leaders, Roland Burris was sent back to Illinois to get his appointment credentials signed by the Illinois Secretary of State. Actually, the Illinois Supreme Court has to rule if the Secretary's signature is needed or not. The current Secretary doesn't want to sign it because he doesn't agree with the Governor making the appointment, so the Court has to rule if it has to make him sign it, or if it's just cosmetic and the letter is good without the signature.

Yesterday Mr Burris, armed with several attorneys, presented himself at the Senate door, and was rejected because of said lack of properly certified credentials. If this seems like an adult version of boys playing secret fort you would be correct. We never really grow up. Mr Burris has been enjoying being part of the game, his name is now more of a household word than it was before, and Rod Blagojevitch is laughing at all of the trouble it's causing.

After the signature is settled, the next step will be a ruling by the Senate Rules Committee that all is above board. Better not piss off Diane Feinstein here! Finally, and probably if Mr Burris has promised not to run for re-election and vote always as they say he should, they will let him be seated as the Junior Senator from Illinois. Let's ask Al Franken and Norm Coleman if all of this hassle is worth it...

Now that George Bush no longer has to pretend that he is a simple, brush-clearing man of the people, he has left his Crawford, Texas ranch, where he spent over 460 days of vacation while in office, and bought a new home in an exclusive neighborhood in Dallas. Not exclusive enough, since he has petitioned the city to put in an electronic gate on a public street near his house, to be payed for by the Federal government. Think of it as a retirement perk.

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