Saturday, January 10, 2009

Endangered species? What Endangered species?

I want to take a mental break from reading so much media every day and talk about my cat. I know, I know, I could talk about NBC and Ann Coulter, how strange it was for her to want to go on the Today show to promote her book with what she considers the enemy. Or how the deranged right wing bloggers have been stoking those fires. I could talk about Sarah Palin's weird complaints about how the media is treating other women in the news, like Caroline Kennedy, to how they treated her, and how she is slipping into paranoid insanity obsessing over Tina Fey and Katy Couric. I could talk about Joe the Plumber's new job as a war reporter for a conservative web site, and riff on the kind of commentary and insights only he could provide, but I need to write about my cat.

Wiley is a Maine Coon cat, I got him fully grown from the animal shelter about three years ago. He spends a portion of his day outside, and all of the neighbors know who he is. Our city just passed a law that he is going to need tags, and I guess that's a good thing in case he gets chomped on by a fox or hit by a car; he has a bad habit of jumping in cars when they are sitting and warming up during the winter. A couple of times people let him out blocks away and he's had to find his way back.

Even though he is fixed, he still gets into territorial spats with another cat, the eminently evil Detroit, who will follow Wiley all the way into our house just to prove his point. They also hang out together, so I guess they are like young Hollywood wannabees, or frenemies... anyway, Wiley is also a pretty good hunter, keeping our area free of field mice and baby birds. Sometimes he tries to bring them in the house so we all can share in torturing the animals, and he has even left gifts under my bed, an occasional mouse ear or part of a tail. 

But I open up the newspaper today and find out that he has been catching and killing an endangered species, the Preble jumping field mouse. As opposed to the more common regular jumping field mouse. It takes a DNA test to find out which is which, but with my honed psychic abilities, I just know that he has been catching the more rarefied species. So, my quandary is this: do I go on letting him decimate the local population of endangered species, or should I turn his tail and claws in to the authorities? Our local city council is petitioning to the Feds to take the mouse off of the endangered list, inflating the cost to them in lost construction kickback revenue, but I might lend Wiley out to take care of the rest of the mice on the sly. Endangered species? What endangerd species?

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  1. The tagline for your blog is perfect! I enjoyed reading your posts and hope that they remain as humorous as the next administration takes office!


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