Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Cartagena To Colorado Springs

"One of the agents involved in the scandal was on Sarah Palin's detail in 2008 when he was running for vice president. And he posted a picture on his Facebook – apparently he had a little crush on her – of him standing behind her kind of smirking and saying, 'I'm checking her out.' Which is more than you can say for the McCain campaign." – Bill Maher

"Of course Sarah Palin has to answer this. Today she said, you know what, people are always checking me out. She said, 'I can't count the number of times when I'm walking away, and I hear someone say, 'What an ass.'" – Bill Maher

"Newt Gingrich still receiving Secret Service protection. What are they protecting him from? Reality?" – Bill Maher

"I think Republicans live in a world now where whatever a liberal says, no matter how sensible, is automatically evil, wrong, and needs to be fought with the fervor of a starving raccoon on crystal meth." – Bill Maher

Tourism in Cartagena, Columbia, has taken a boost ever since the Secret Service scandal was revealed a couple of weeks ago, involving over a dozen horny, drunken young men and drunken prostitutes. Prostitution in Columbia is about the same as it is elsewhere, officially frowned upon, but in reality tolerated by those who love to party but are too old and ugly to get a second glance from a pretty girl. Articles now in the NY Times have emphasized that none of the girls were spies seeking to blackmail any of the agents, that the girls working in Cartagena are regularly tested for AIDS and STD's, with records being kept. Columbia has long been a destination for those in the porn industry, pandering to those who like latina pornography. I don't know if they have done so in the past, but I'll bet that soon there will be sex tours for German men and others from the former Eastern Block countries, just like they do for Thailand.

What we really need, if we are going to be honest, is reporting on the use of prostitutes by our Congressmen, both at home in Washington DC, and when they go on junkets to foreign countries. We know that they leave their wives and family at home and are wined and dined and bribed by foreign dignitaries, so why not be more honest and transparent about the use of hookers in politics? There are certain cities in the world that are infamous for their prostitution, Beirut, for example, has long been known as the party place to go among Arabian busnissmen and oil-wealthy sheiks, seeking refuge from the newly found feminism of their wives and daughters. Macau has become the place to party for those who enjoy gambling in Asia, even hosting the older brother of North Korea's new ruler. Miami, Dallas, and LA are destinations staying alive in the US... There are very few members of the Senate and House of Representatives who have not partied too hard in Washington DC, using liberal amounts of designer drugs, alcohol, and consorting with expensive ladies of the night. These habits should be disclosed, along with whatever prescription medicines they are taking, and the true sources of their campaign funds.

We should all be as transparent as the former head of the World Bank, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Not only did he expect all of the maids at his expensive US hotel to be hookers, enough to be undressed when his maid came in to service his room, but he continued his wanton ways when he went back to France. Even though his rich wife stood by him, she couldn't ignore it when he was later arrested for being part of a sex ring, pimping out and sending friends to a classic, old hotel that needed to add the services of prostitutes in order to pay its bills.
Of course, politicians can overdo it, as in the case of Italy's Berlesconi, who now faces charges of having sex with underage hookers at his parties, and had to be divorced by his much embarrassed wife.

The freak side-show that was the Republican Primary race is coming to an end. The only joker left to challenge Mitt Romney is Ron Paul, who has kept a low profile the past couple of months, probably holed up writing some obscure Libertarian texts in time for the convention in Tampa. Or maybe he realized that most of the press that was given to Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich has been negative, focused on the many gaffes they regularly produced for the late night comedians. I'm sure that Mitt will continue to feed us with enough gaffes of his own, and we will be treated to weekly etch-a-sketch changes in beliefs and policies.

My fellow Coloradan Republicans have jumped on the squirrel train, having elected their delegates to the Republican convention this summer. Not one went to Mitt, they all went to Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, and they are proud about it. This happened several days after Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, which proves that the conservative cause is alive and well in Colorado, serving all lost causes.

 To get a glimpse of how we are aligned, one of the most conservative yes men in the House, Doug Lamborn, is being challenged by Robert Blaha, who is positioning himself to the far right of Doug. We should vote for Blaha to help him take back our country, go his ads. His campaign philosophy is : " An articulate champion for conservative values, Robert knows that citizens in his 5th Congressional District have had enough of career politicians, and so he’s bringing his business expertise and conservative common sense to secure a better future for our children and grandchildren.

It’s time to breakthrough the federal red tape, complacency and stagnant stalemates – and have our voices heard in Washington, D.C"

I'd love to watch these two debate, but Doug doesn't like to appear in public much, because, in my opinion, his speech patterns fit more closely to a gay dress designer than a family values man, and people might start asking embarrassing questions... But Blaha can't really attack Lamborn on much, so he can only make ads that show him as an angry man intent on tearing down the walls of government, so 90 seconds ago... In reality, the tea party here is having a hard time keeping the anger and meetings going, what with the over prescribing of anti-depressants to us older folks. We end up taking our Prozac and watching those redneck reality shows on tv, marveling that anyone would go out and deliberately hunt alligators and rattlesnakes. What about those giant catfish on River Monsters, whoa!!! It's difficult basing a movement on people who don't really read, and are ridiculed by their children for their beliefs. I'm seeing less and less right wing blogs out there, and they all weren't supported by Andrew Breitbart... In fact, there's just a lot less blogs being created and sustained, we may soon go the way of the dinosaur and encyclopedia.

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