Sunday, April 1, 2012

But Hillary, Surely You Can't Be Syrians...

“This weekend 71-year-old former Vice President Dick Cheney received a heart transplant. And I thought this was nice — they let him shoot the donor himself.” – Jay Leno

“Fox News sent Dick Cheney flowers. MSNBC sent chili cheese fries.” – Jay Leno
“Dick Cheney was talking to a reporter right after the surgery and he said he wants to live long enough to make sure nobody else gets healthcare.” – David Letterman

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending $50 On A Photo With Newt Gingrich”

10. How much have I paid for pictures with other guys named Newt?
9. Should I just photograph myself burning $50?
8. Do I look Newty enough?
7. Should I just get a free photo with some other guy who's not going to be president?
6. Do I have to touch him?
5. Is this how Newt met his three wives?
4. Seriously, have I lost my mind?
3. Does Newt have to be in the photo?
2. What would Rick Santorum think of this idea?
1. Will Rush Limbaugh think I'm a slut?

The Syrian revolution is now officially over, Assad and his government have won. George W Bush came out and gave his verbal support for the Syrian opposition, so the show is over, I hear the fat lady singing... Short of a full NATO invasion, it's obvious that there is no way that the opposition will ever win, and Assad is willing to raze many large cities to achieve his goal. Unfortunately, the only other way that any reforms will take place is if Assad is assassinated, no matter what Hillary Clinton and the Saudis say.

The latest UN inspired cease fire is supposed to be happening now, and so far the Syrian government has ignored it like all previous agreements. Tanks still roam the mean streets of Homs, and refugees still try to flee across the border. The excuse given is that they will wait until life returns to normal before they pull out. The opposition has  been asking for more weapons in a last ditch effort to legitimize their position. The Saudi foreign minister has said that the arming of the opposition should be their duty...

There is no win-win solution here, just as there was no obvious goal achieved in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the natural consequence is that people are getting tired of the US meddling and trying to influence events in the Middle East, unless it can keep Israel from attacking Iran... We tried to hold Egypt hostage by trading a few people that were about to go to trial for updated weapons systems and $1.5 billion in annual foreign aid. Polls taken in Cairo show that a majority of the people no longer want freebies and gift money from the US because they don't want to be beholden to our interests. Even when we think we are doing good, like helping to build democracy, we tend to be overbearing and smothering.

One of those overbearing non-government organizations, the National Democratic Institute, which is also a CIA front, was shut down in Egypt and is under investigation. Over the weekend the government of Bahrain revoked its license to work in their country, without giving a reason. The NDI was using Bahrain as a base for running programs in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait. Back in Washington, the head of NDI could only describe the programs it funds in vague terms, but wanted us to know that they included working with women to bolster their leadership skills. It joins over 600 other organizations that suck up donations and money from our government that you pay for with tax dollars. I'm thinking that a good place to start limiting government spending is to stop funding these fake organizations run by cynical liars... If you think that I'm being too harsh, just do what the Egyptian government is doing, asking for a list of projects they have funded, how long they have been functioning, and the current status of each project. I would be surprised if there were over six working projects in all of Iraq and Afghanistan, and those require millions of dollars in annual maintenance...

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