Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rupert's Bad Acting, Pfizer Loses Lipitor Patent

"Mitt Romney gets a lot of criticism because he's kind of stiff, he's sort of cold, he's sort of aloof. And I thought, 'Well, wait a minute. Let's look at the bright side of this.' Mitt Romney is an inspiration to kids all over this country who sadly were born without a personality." – David Letterman
"Now allegations are coming out that the Secret Service were partying with strippers and hookers, not just in Colombia but in El Salvador, Buenos Aires, Moscow. You got to hand it to these guys. A lot of us look at the world and say, 'F**k it.' These people actually do it." – Bill Maher

"Newt Gingrich says he's going to make an announcement on Tuesday that he's suspending his presidential campaign. Yes, he's letting us down gently. And also because technicians are still working on Callista to install her sad face." – Bill Maher

The headline news this morning was that Rupert Murdoch's plan backfired on him, and it may end up costing him billions more and not be allowed to do business with the British government anymore. The report came out from the investigation and inquiry of parliament about Murdoch's role in the phone hacking of a young girl who had been kidnapped, and the further hacking of cell phones of celebrities and politicians to get leads for juicy stories for his newspapers.

Rupert's lame plan, when he had to appear before parliament for questioning, was to portray himself as a clueless old man, perhaps sinking into Alzheimer's, which let him claim to not remember very much and to blame lesser executives who sought to keep any knowledge of wrong-doing from coming to his attention. None of the unfortunate events was his fault! And to show how concerned he was, as soon as this sordid mess came to the public's attention, he shut down the News of the World, and canceled his $12 billion bid to purchase the rest of the television station BSkyB, and demoted his lying son, James, who has been forced to withdraw from working in Britain.

But Rupert's exercise in street theater has resulted in a report saying that he is not fit to lead a major corporation, which will give fuel for other investigations and lawsuits against him. If he loses his contracts with the TV station, it means a loss of billions of dollars in revenue, and possibly having his removal by his board of directors. Rupert has estranged friends and family, so its looking like this man will soon die, bitter and alone.

Speaking of losing billions of dollars, the patent is ending for Lipitor, the drug used for heart disease and stroke, and they haven't developed anything to replace it. Throughout the pharmaceutical industry, nineteen patents will end this year, resulting in a possible losses of $38 billion annually... Good news for the rest of us who use those drugs, for now they can be made as generics, and your monthly dose may be reduced from $150 down to $15. Unfortunately for me, the expensive non-generic drugs I take have about 15 more years left on their patents, so I still have to fork out the bucks each month, but millions of senior citizens may be able to afford to go out for breakfast an extra one or two times and enjoy that special quality of life that is popularized in myth and movies...

Our old police chief, who had been especially hired away from his old job in Michigan to live and work in beautiful Colorado Springs, only to be fired by our mayor, has been hired by the city of Sanford, Florida. He will be the interim chief of police until the Trayvon Martin case has been resolved, then the city will decide whether to keep him on, or let the guy who had to step down have his job back.

Mr Myers had had some problems with his officers, you know, the regular kind like police brutality, possessing child pornography, and attempting to meet kids through the Internet. The only thing that was missing was using a patrol car as a moving meth lab... When my nephew was working as a paramedic here in town, he told me that on several occasions he had to transport the sherif's wife to the methadone clinic. We wondered if one of the reasons that the sherif took the job here was to be closer to the drug-smuggling super-highway... Now that he;s moving to Sanford, he'll be even closer...

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