Friday, January 6, 2012

US Frees Iranian Crew Held By Pirates, Media focuses on Rick Santorum

I haven't been able to find out any more news on the Finnish investigation into the 160 tons of munitions and 69 Patriot missiles found on a ship loaded in Germany and bound for Shanghai, China. The only other tidbits of information that the Finns were trying to leave an opening for an explanation by the US government, was that they thought the ship was to stop in South Korea first... So far, the US hasn't been able to come with a credible story that doesn't resemble any argument made by the Reagan administration over the Iran/Contra affair...

On a kinder note, that balances the shrill tones coming out of Tehran lately, US ships rescued an Iranian fishing boat that had been captured by Somali pirates, and had held the crew as prisoners for over 45 days, using their ship as a mother ships for other pirate raids. To make it ironic, the rescue was performed by the John Stennis aircraft carrier group, the same group that Tehran had warned not to come back into the Persian Gulf. You're welcome... The crew was treated kindly and with respect, or so the spin that the press releases stated, before being sent back on their way to Iran. 15 Somali pirates were captured, no announcement was made as to what we will do with them.

Iran has been screaming bloody murder because if the US and Europe implement the sanctions against purchasing Iranian oil, there goes about 80% of Iran's income, and those Grand Ayatollahs and General in the Republican Guards won't be able to buy new cashmere clothes made from special herds  of goats kept for just themselves. Maybe the Iranian leaders should reconsider their decisions regarding their nuclear program as being attached to their balls, the bigger the program gets, the more it makes them a macho man... I would hate to be a diplomate, all of the crap you put up with and posturing all sides make, and that's just for your own country. Double and triple the amount of posturing for each country you have to deal with.

Now that Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucus by eight votes, the media must get their investigations in before the New Hampshire primary this Tuesday. Since he was last voted out of office in 2006, Rick has made his millions the old fashioned way - by lobbying for K Street and cashing in on the connections he made while in Congress. Compared to Newt Gingrich's arrogant blowhards, Mit Romney's gaffs in public are rather quaint and endearing. But, if these guys make so many mistakes while campaigning, who knows what kind of lies they will attempt to get away with? At least with George W Bush, we could tell when he was telling a lie, his lips moved. Newt's lies mostly involve building himself up to make him look good, that he worked with Ronald Reagan to develop star wars or whatever, when he was a freshman representative that nobody had heard of before. While he did do some policy making as Speaker of the House, most of his policies led to his downfall, being ousted as Speaker and later, losing re-election. He was also known as the meanest person in Congress and enjoyed bullying. which is why many current Republicans are not big fans.

Like it or not, we should look at having a Mitt as viable candidate. The primaries so far have been vicious, and all of the backbiting and horrible stories from Romney's past should have come out, and the Democrats not having spent a dime. So, Obama can appear to be above that style of bickering, all he has to do is show how the criticisms that Romeny is leveling at him now, are based on small lies and distortions of the truth. This has actually been a more entertaining year in politics, and for that I have to say God Bless the Tea Party!

oh yes, don't ever Google the word:  santorum. it's not pretty what you will find...

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