Sunday, December 28, 2008

Order Up,One Gaza Strip,Served Rare and Bloody...

There are over 1.5 million people stuffed living in the Gaza strip, it's one of the most densely populated places on earth. Israel is amassing troops ready to go into Gaza and take out the militant group Hamas.

A few days ago there was a truce between the two, but Hamas refused to extend it. Now, almost 300 people have died from Israeli jet fighter attacks, with both sides calling for escalation of force in their decidedly shrill way.

The night before the truce was to end, Israeli jets attacked an area near the Gaza-Egyptian border, bombing where there were about 40 smuggler's tunnels, where everything from guns to food to fake rolexes were taken through the tunnels into Gaza or back to Egypt. One bomb went amiss and hit a civilian's house, killing the father of two children.

As reported by al Jazeerah: " Tensions on the border crossing, Gaza's only one to bypass Israel, had risen during the day, with Egypt blaming Hamas for not letting wounded Palestinians through and Hamas asking for medical aid to be handed over. Israeli warplanes earlier bombed a series of contraband tunnels on the border of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and Egypt, scattering Egyptians waiting at the border to help wounded Palestinians. The tunnels that criss-cross the border are used to smuggle goods and weapons into the territory that has been virtually cut off from the outside world since Hamas violently seized power in June 2007. "The air force attacked over 40 tunnels on the Gaza side of the border," said an Israeli army spokeswoman. "Those tunnels were believed to be used for smuggling weapons, explosives and sometimes people." Some of the blasts hit very close to an Egyptian military camp on the border, an AFP correspondent said."

Over the next couple of days, Hamas sent over 50 rockets into southern Israel, which prompted the Israeli jets over the last couple of days. The problem with Gaza is that it is so densely packed, that military offices are in crowded neighborhoods and rockets can be launched from rooftops or a parking lot, so any bombing inside Gaza will claim innocent lives.

Egypt had previously made a deal with Israel to patrol the border area against Gaza, and they had complained to Israel how difficult it was because of the tunnels. Now they are stuck in a difficult position if other Arab countries rally to the defense of Hamas. Israel is betting that only Iran may try to help, which was another reason for blowing up the tunnels.

A few days ago it looked like the next nuclear war would start with Pakistan and India. That situation has not defused, but now it looks like Hamas and Israel are scrambling to beat them to it. If there are any wise men traveling out on the desert tonight, I hope the light they are following is from Heaven, and not from someone's manger blown to smithereens...

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