Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Miracles

I've been searching the web for stories that can be considered miracles because I sure could use one. The simplest miracle is to sit quietly for a moment and meditate, get in touch with your spirit. If you are a Christian, you would get in touch with God or the spirit of Jesus Christ. This, and the ability to give and receive love is truly a miracle that you can share anytime.

Back in November a 14 year old girl was in the hospital with pneumonia, and the prognosis wasn't good. A nurse asked the mother, who was taking a break from her vigil, to come over to the nurse's station, and showed her on one of the monitor screens a bright, white light that looked a bit like an angel. The mother took a picture of the screen with her phone, and a few hours later the daughter's monitored signs all returned to normal. She soon recovered and was released from the hospital. The mother believes that the light helped her daughter recover and released the photo; it was even picked up by Fox News.

Another story is that famed bicyclist Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend are going to have a baby. The miracle here is that Lance had testicular cancer which was treated with chemotherapy and he was thought to be sterile as a result. But, practicing the old fashioned way seems to have helped in making a recovery, with the pregnant results.

It used to be enough to wish for peace upon the earth. Now, it's please don't let our nuclear neighbors get more paranoid and use those puppies. Pakistan is ratcheting it up a few notches by sending fighter jets into their airspace to guard against incursions from India. Palestine and Israel ended their cease fire truce, and the Christian pilgrims who travel to Bethlehem are bearing the brunt of the increased hostility. As an aside here, the spot where it's believed that Jesus was born has been turned into somewhat of a tourist place, named Manger Square.

Many others are wishing for the miracle that Pastor Rick Warren will become more tolerant in his views, and that Dick Cheney will gain a conscience.

Personally, I'm hoping for the willpower to keep away from all of the Christmas treats so I don't pass out in a sugar induced coma. And I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah, especially to Lenore and her family.

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