Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Invites Rick Warren to the Party

I was checking up on all of the blogs last night, trying to get a handle on what the big stories might be. To my surprise the biggest stink erupted over the announcement that Pastor Rick Warren would give the invocation at the inauguration ceremony.

If you are liberal, or support gay rights, or just don't like the corporation of America's churches, you might not like the choice. Pastor Warren started the 4th largest church in America, the Saddleback Church located in Orange County, California, and has also started six other ministries, and written two best selling books. He has several charities, mostly funded by the money he collects from parishioners, tithing back 90% and using 10% for the churches, something that not very many other churches do.

He is seen as slightly to the left of James Dobson, who, I believe has also been invited, and has given money to defeat California's proposition 8. This is Obama's way of reaching out to the more conservative, evangelical white folks who didn't vote for him, and he should watch out that they don't try to bite him in response.

But if Rick Warren really wants to up the ante to replace Billy Graham as America's top preacher, he should try to sing some duets with Aretha Franklin, who is scheduled to sing. But I'm afraid that it would be way too cool for him to attempt...

Back in the real world, our Iraqi shoe thrower has written a lovely letter of apology for his actions. His defiant brother says that is not like him, he never apologizes for anything. I get the impression that the brother would rather be the one in jail...

23 Iraqi interior and defense ministers were arrested for trying to resurrect Saddam Hussein's Baathist Party, thus paving the way for Mr al Maliki's re-election.

Britain announced two days ago that they would pull their troops out by May. Now they say it will be by July. The Japanese had a flight force which went home today. It was the first military group they had sent since ww11. South Korea will send their 18,000 troops home on Friday.

Because they are just laying around the house picking up dust, Russia will send Lebanon 10 MIG-29 fighter jets, for free.

Tomorrow the truce between Israel and Palestine will end. Israel would like to extend it, but Hamas has said that it won't because of frequent violations committed by Israel. Seems they got a little pissed when Israel sent some jets over at night, and a missile blew up a house, killing a civilian father of two. Of course, the next day Palestine fired 20 rockets back into Israel, and so the fun continues. I'd suggest adjusting your travel plans accordingly... 

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