Friday, December 19, 2008

Buy Your Heroin Locally, Economic Overdose

Parents and politicians here in Colorado Springs have been shocked, shocked I tell you, over the discovered use of black tar heroin by at least 25 high schoolers. So far it's been contained to one high school where the richer kids go, causing parental fingers to wag. Investigations are ongoing.

Any teenage kid will know more about what drugs are available on the street, where to get them, and who are the chronic users, than any school principal or cop. When I was a kid in Southern California, heroin was easy to get; all you had to do was make friends with the rich kids who lived up in Palos Verdes. You could get it elsewhere, but you always knew the quality would be better. When I was in college I had a friend who sold heroin, but his clientele was almost exclusively to the male doctors at the major hospital he worked at. Of course, later I had friends die from overdosing who were involved with the music industry.

Back here at home it's easier to condemn the use of others, harder to be in denial when it's your kid. It's not easy to watch them when they fall. Much the same behavior was exhibited when it was discovered there was a meth lab working in every neighborhood...

In a related note, Bristol Palin's future mother-in-law has been arrested on federal drug charges, because you gotta pay for the wedding somehow... No comment from the Governor's mansion.

Credit card rules have slightly been changed, so you might feel easier about getting into more debt. Because we don't want you to be responsible and pay as you go or save money in the bank; that's not much of a bailout! No, we want you to feel safe enough to buy a new Ford, use that credit card, or buy a house and pay three times the amount it's worth to the bank.

You must read Paul Krugman's opinion piece on how our whole scheme of investments is one large Ponzi scam, and that the warning signs have been there for awhile and ignored by the people we trust to detect such things. Nor has the Democratic Congress yet moved to close the loopholes to make certain investments safer for folks like you and me.

The first oversight report on the economic bailout came out a few days ago, basically saying that there has been no oversight. 350 billion has been spent in 3 months and there are no tangible results to show. There is no way of telling what the banks have done with the money given to them, no way to make them tell, and, as was discovered with Goldman Sachs, asking for bailout money with one hand while stashing it in Overseas banks that don't charge taxes with another. I wonder what they do with their tails? Time to get rid of Paulson, kick his overpaid butt out the door.

And we still won't know who won the Minnesota Senate race until after the New Year. At times like these I wonder WWJD, or What Would Jesse Do? Yep, let's strip Franken and Coleman down, oil them up, and let them go at it, best two out of three goes to the Senate.

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