Thursday, December 4, 2008

Charity Fraud, Bush Legacy

The scams are hitting us fast and furious this season, I've gotten fake notices from my bank, an airlines, and the IRS from folks wanting to get my personal information. Always check the headers from any email requesting you to go to a website and put in your personal information like social security numbers, credit card or bank account numbers.

If you have been charitable and given to the Family Relief Fund or Disabled Veteran's Ca
re Center, you have been scammed. They are both "charities" run out of a couple's home and the funds have been frozen by the state of Colorado, pending further investigation. Always do your homework before giving anyone money. Many smaller charities use up to 95% of money raised for administration costs, and if they are centered in Texas or Florida, I can guarantee you that they are not legitimate.

President George Bush has called his old friends together, people like Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, to use taxpayer's money to help him rewrite history to cast him in a more favorable light. He has a lower favorable rating since Richard Nixon, and Nixon resigned... Already we are seeing attempts, like the interview with Charles Gibson, where he declares that if only the intelligence on Iraq had been right... If you turn off the sound and look at his facial expression, you can tell when he lies, because he's not very good at it. You can also tell that he has been drinking quite regularly again.

If only we had a transition period for the transition team, say, from right now until Jan 20. Have the appointed Cabinet people working with the Bush Cabinet to make a smooth transfer of power and policy. This would make for some fun couples, Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice palling around the Middle East, Robert Gates talking to himself...

Lastly, I hope that John Salazar is nominated for Agricultural Secretary. He would be perfect for the job in so many ways, Democratic Senator, rancher, and Hispanic, a triple whammy...

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