Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcoming Myself Back After Poverty and Depression

It's been two years and two dead laptop computers since I posted last. I did want to comment on the election season, but for some reason everything I wanted to say was quickly said in the NY Times or Washington Post; so fuck it...

And it has been a royal mess. I wonder what will happen to the Republican Party after this election season, if it will disband or become more psychotic under the influence of right-wingers. If we want to shove them over the cliff, we should re-elect Barack Obama as President again, perhaps for life, or until we resolve race relations in this country.

The effect of the Donald Trump show and the machinations of Ted Cruz and his ilk, has made me depressed with our political system. If you want to be elected to any political office, from federal level down to the local, you should be limited to two terms, including judges. You also have to take a literacy test, and disclose all prescription drugs you are taking.

We have too many laws, it makes our justice system unwieldy. All laws need an expiration date, say thirty years. This way, if a law works, it can be renewed. If not, it will expire and allow us to come up with something more useful. All laws should be written in plain English and should not exceed five pages in length, and be devoted to a single subject. This way reforms will follow the mood or progress of the country.

As for Donald Trump, it's obvious that most of the things he says at rallies are designed to elicit an emotional response, because that's what he did on television for many years. In private, he's less maniacal, and is moderate in many areas. Most of his children are Democrats, and cannot vote in the primaries for their old man. What scares so many people is how thin skinned Donald is, and how little self-control he exhibits over any barb or criticism. Guys are supposed to grow out of that behavior after childhood, and we hope that a good education will give you tools to do just that.

I have yet to learn how to use Microsoft Edge. My hard drive has limited space, so I will have to buy some thumb drives to store images, get back into using the software. much less trying to remember passwords to my accounts. I had to pay off some debts before I could buy a new computer, which took about a year. It's amazing what you can get for about $300 bucks these days, the graphics are so much better, just the audio quality put out through the headphone port is lacking, though the speakers are pretty decent. Plus, I may have to begin using the built-in webcam and camera, which I have avoided, the same as using apps that most kids take for granted on their phones. I barely have enough focus to read the newspaper each day, much less get caught up with Moore's Law...

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