Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump's Strategy Against Hillary

"It's hard to trust someone until you know them, and it is hard to know someone until you meet them." - Lamar Alexander

"I met him for 30 seconds in 2012." - Paul Ryan

As The Donald tries to make friends with political lifers and staunch conservatives, his campaign strategists have decided that he should continue the negative attacks on Hillary Clinton. If you keep repeating lies long enough a portion of the public will gobble it up like Big Macs and fries, and swear that it was a nutritious meal...

According to Patrick Healy in the New York Times, during the presidential debates this fall, Mr Trump will try to throw her husband's infidelities in her face to humiliate her, saying that she enabled him by staying with him (this is a strategy that can easily backfire because Donald has had his share of extra-marital affairs), she is responsible for the security lapses at Benghazi, Libya, and finally, that she has been a corrupt politician all along.

These debates could easily devolve into a nasty game of He Said/She Said that Donald's campaign is hoping the results will lower Hillary's favorable ratings in the innumerable polls. I think her best strategy for this is to assume the role of a mother dealing with her out of control son. It's clear that Donald never had the parental supervision to set boundaries when he was a child, so she should come to the first debate prepared with a few props.

Each time that Donald utters one of his nasty comments or lies, she should reach into her lectern and pull out a bar of soap, walk over to Donald and place it on his lectern, with the admonishment that he is going to wash his mouth out with soap until he learns to behave better... It's not at the level that Elizabeth Warren attacked Donald and made him back down, but it might be just as effective.

Then again, I am relishing the Twitter war that could emerge the first time Donald calls Vladimir Putin a loser, who looks better with his shirt on...

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