Friday, May 27, 2016

Hillary's Emails and Supervirus

Since I started up my blog again, I've been trying to clean up my links to other sites and add new ones. It's sad to find out how many blogs that were active two years ago are no longer around. Of course, hardly anyone still reads blogs that don't have video or make salacious claims like Gawker. I guess that I will start experimenting with video, but I am hesitant to use things made by other people, except for the wonderful photos found on the internet...

"It demonstrates an arrogant autocracy that is breathtaking." - Tom Krebsbach

Let's begin with the brouhaha brought up over Hillary's email server, and the latest report issued by the State Department's inspector general. Conservatives are going apeshit over this, claiming it proves that she is not fit to be president, because of her flouting of the rules and lack of transparency. I don't get the argument, except that they get to use real descriptive phrase like the quote above. I don't recall any past president that was totally transparent, the closest has been Barack Obama, with his obsession with drones and deportation of immigrants... Oh yeah, then there is Zelig and the Invisible Man, but neither are interested in politics.

The rules that are in place now concerning email servers were put in place after Hillary left the State Department. At the time, government computer systems were woefully outdated and had major flaws. Plus, there was no guarantee of security because every amateur hacker and government spy agencies in the world were trying to hack into the US government, many met with success... I certainly would not want to trust a government server with my private email, but, yeah, she should have worked with the State Department security wonks to come up with a solution that made everyone happy. Her big mistake was not including them, making them become petty and vindictive...

The inspector general at the time is the person responsible for informing the new Secretary of State what the current rules are, and it's obvious that he did not do his duty. That the current report is issued by the inspector general's office claiming their innocence in all of this doesn't pass the smell test.

In looking at the candidate's experience, we have Bernie Sanders, who has been a professional politician  all of his life, and Donald Trump, who has never been elected or worked for anyone besides himself. Hillary has been active in state politics, was a lawyer, was wife to a US  president, was elected as a state senator, worked as the US Secretary of State, and has traveled many more miles around the globe working for our country's interests that either of the other two guys. I find areas where I totally disagree with her policies, but she does take a more incremental and pragmatic approach to change. I may not like that, but it better suites the needs of our country. To paraphrase the words of that great philosopher, M Jagger: "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might get what you need..."

Oh, god, politics may not matter, now that a virus has been discovered that is impervious to all antibiotics. There is no cure. We are doomed... It reminds me of the beginning to Tom  Robbin's book, Another Roadside Attraction, where he muses that Armageddon will be fought by the two things that we fail to eradicate: cockroaches and the venereal disease virus. Well, he got the virus part right, and cockroaches can be killed by a simple solution of boric acid, so what will be the next contender in our age of comic book villains and heroes???

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