Thursday, May 5, 2016

All Hail Mein Fuhrer Donald Trump

Oh boy, Donald Trump has emerged triumphant as the presumptive GOP candidate after Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out. Now all of the liberal pundits are trying to justify how they got this whole scenario wrong, moderate conservatives are debating if they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton, and super-duper right wingers are disappointed that Raoul's son isn't really the anointed candidate after all...

I have run the gamut of emotions over the Donald, enjoying the media spectacle and name calling, appalled at how thin his skin is, and curious to see the train-wreck that will happen if he actually gets elected. How fast will his fan base turn on him when it turns out that his promises are empty air?

Two things that I would insist he do is to get off of Twitter, and to have him put in some time working as a janitor at his resort in Florida, so he does some honest work for once in his life... Perhaps we could assign him a therapist to work on his impulse control.

Is Hair Hitler the second coming of Herr Hitler?
What the world is afraid of is Donald turning into a Hitler type dictator, unable to practice basic statesmanship. I see this happening in Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, and Turkey, to name a few of the larger countries. If you criticize the leadership you have a good chance of being jailed. What king of progress will happen with all of these mini-Hitlers running around, or will it truly become the Apocalypse? God knows the state of the earth is deteriorating rapidly and it may all be a moot point, as fresh water becomes unavailable and earthquakes shakes our cities apart.

So far the only Politian that takes his time to deliberate before deciding is Barack Obama. Maybe we should piss them all off and make him President for life... At least we'd still have great comedy routines at every future Correspondence Dinner...

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