Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tired of the Vicious Right-Wing Sniping

“I just really believe that the Republican Party has been conned here, and this guy is not a reliable conservative Republican.”  - Lindsey Graham

"Donald Trump is a bully who has a single play in his playbook -- offensive lies thrown at anyone who calls him out." - Elizabeth Warren

After The Donald was dissed by Paul Ryan, which made it cool for a few other squeamish Republican senators, he turned his ire towards Hillary Clinton. Mostly, all of the Republican candidates, pundits, and Fox News personalities have been following along with the GOP playbook that tells them what to say about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, using emotionally charged phrases designed to create a negative impression. The bullshit runs so deep that it is frustrating listening to a conservative spokesperson. I keep hoping that they would stop talking about emails and Benghazi because it's been proven over and over that there is no there there... But they keep on saying the same crap in the theory that if you repeat it long enough people might actually begin to believe it. And it does work, just go to any mall and start asking folks what they believe and to justify those beliefs in some logical manner... Myself, I just start talking to my Libertarian neighbors for some delightful crazy talk. (Which brings up watching an interview with Jesse Ventura, who said that he, too, might run for President on the Libertarian ticket. But only if they allowed him to run without joining the Libertarian Party, so he could claim to be truly an outsider. I mentioned this to my nephew, and his reaction was Yeah Jesse!)

But The Donald went batshit crazy, trying to bait and bring Bill Clinton into the fray, by talking about how Hillary hurt women by not going postal and staying with Bill after he had his affairs. Which is weird coming from someone who is on his third Eastern European wife. If he keeps up the cheap trash talking instead of debating policy and economic ideas, he will alienate every woman in America besides his wife and daughters... But if he does that, he will piss off the right-wingers because he has some liberal ideas floating in that mucky mess. Now that he is the front runner, he doesn't have to spout the National Inquirer type headlines, and can kick back and plan out an effective way to debate Hillary after the Summer.

And if he wins, instead of building a wall along the border with Mexico, he should annex it as part of the US. Suddenly, we will no longer have illegals living here, as they will now be citizens, and we can use our military to deal with the cartels...

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