Friday, May 4, 2012

Osama's Anniversary, Babies On Drugs

"I was making jokes about the Secret Service while they were 10 feet away from me with machine guns in their hands. President Obama made jokes about them and he didn't get much of a reaction either. They're probably laughing on the inside." – Jimmy Kimmel

"Strange development in the Secret Service prostitution saga. They issued new rules of conduct on Friday, and on some trips they will send chaperones to make sure the rules are enforced. Am I nuts, or is this weird? We have to give the Secret Service chaperones to make sure they don't get drunk and have sex?" – Jimmy Kimmel

"We should make the agents travel with their moms. They would be highly trained themselves and will be ready to throw their bodies on any agent who is about to throw his body on a prostitute." – Jimmy Kimmel

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary that Seal Team 6 invaded Osama bin Laden's compound and killed him, then took the body away with them. Since then, Barack Obama has been pretty cocky, using it in an ad, as one of the reasons for his re-election. Of course, his opponents say that it is tacky and bad form to go around crowing, that type of behavior should be beneath the office of the president. To which The Daily Show's John Stewart replies: "So let me get this straight. Republicans, you're annoyed by the arrogance and braggadocio of a wartime President's political ad. You think he's divisively and unfairly belittling his opponents, I see. I have a question: ARE YOU ON CRACK??? Were you alive, lo, these past ten years? It seems unseemly for the President to spike the football. Bush landed on a fucking aircraft carrier with a football-stuffed codpiece; he spiked the football before the game had even started!"

And, for all of you al Qaeda enthusiasts, you can celebrate with more than the official memorial turban. Now you can also collect the letters that bin Laden had on him when he died, soon to be released in a special boxed set by the Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point. Proving that Wikileaks is really a good service, they released 175 pages of letters online, and there is much more information to follow, if they get enough subscriptions... Lovers of trivia and those who think that letters between writers are important will thrill to know the petty problems Osama had with his organization, from laundering money into Euros or dollars because they are the only stable currencies, to thinking of changing the al Qaeda franchise. I guess he didn't like my idea of making infomercials and selling off franchises as "jihads in a box..."

The country of Pakistan is adding to the celebration, by deporting the rest of Osama's family. They may stop by Iran and pick up another old wife and children, who had been living as guests of the state for the past six years or so. Now, the bin Laden family back in Saudi Arabia will have to take care of them, good thing they are all millionaires. Except for the one wife that will get sent back to Yemen, who's only goal in life was to marry a jihadi warrior... Oh, I can smell a few good memoirs coming out of this exodus... Of course, if they were all grown sons and brothers of bin Laden, Pakistan would have let them stay, or at least shipped them back to Afghanistan. Instead, his wives will be sentenced to the horrors of the mansion of Riyadh and the indoor ski slopes of Dubai, those poor, wretched creatures...

While I'm still on the subject of the Middle East, one sad fact caught my eye in this morning's NY Times: that in Palestine, just about every family has had someone who was incarcerated. Just think of how much energy and effort has gone into agitating for a separate Palestinian state, and the cost to each and every family. Israel could sit down and hammer out a solution in one weekend if it really wanted to. First, they need to change their government and get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu, who has said in a speech to the Knesset, that a peace will never be negotiated while he was in office...

Yesterday I posted about Pfizer losing its patent to Lipitor. The problems are much worse in the US. We have a rising number of babies being born addicted to drugs, both street drugs and prescription drugs. We also have a rising rate in children being born autistic, and they don't have a clue as to the reason why. Almost every water source that feeds our major cities are contaminated by traces of prescription drugs, and we have a rising rate of suicide among teenagers, returning veterans, and senior citizens.

We cannot legislate our way out of this problem, and it may take a radical way to rethink and practice health care, from the cradle to the grave. But the dialogue is being sidetracked over bs arguments about Obamacare. The more your attention is caught up in bogus attacks on contraception and what makes a person, you don't have time to get mad over the deformities that the drugs we are giving pregnant women are causing. Just give granny something that will put her to sleep at night, because you are too tired to care for her. Besides, its all some Liberal Socialist plot and has nothing to do with the greed for the billions of dollars that drugs like Lipitor and Plavix make for their makers, now that the money to be made will be by the generic manufacturers in China and Turkey...

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