Saturday, February 4, 2012

Protesting Putin, Syria Solving Palestinian Problems

“Newt Gingrich is not conceding Florida. He said that Florida has made it clear that this is a two-person race. Yeah, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.” – Jay Leno

“More problems for Newt Gingrich; he's now been told that he cannot legally use ‘Eye of the Tiger’ anymore, so he's switching back to Viagra.” – Jay Leno
“Not a great day for Mitt Romney. He put his foot in his mouth. He said in an interview, quote, ‘I'm not concerned about the very poor.’ Is anybody even trying to win this thing?” – Craig Ferguson

“The longer we freeze here, the longer they’ll freeze in Siberia.”  - Russian protester
I tell myself that I was just waiting for something to catch my attention in the news so I could post to the blog, but in reality I spent the last two days watching videos on youtube. A lot of badly filmed music videos to Fat Chance Bellydanse... Waking up to Bruce Cockburn's "Wondering Where the Lions Are" is such a treat, it goes well with a good cup of coffee. Youtube, and reading random blogs are two of my favorite ways to surf the internet.

My original idea in surfing around was to get some background on the death of Don Cornelius, who killed himself the other day, at age 75. They say he was never the same after his last divorce from a Russian hooker with large breast implants, proving that you just can't buy true happiness anymore. (today's homework: what does the phrase "Russian skunk" mean?) Would he have been happier with an Asian wife? For a long time, Soul Train was known as "that show with the Asian chick with the long hair..." Don always had that deer caught in the headlights look, he would have been happier being just the voice of the show, and hiring some young flunky to be the host (get down, get flunky, get loose...). The weird part is talking about his cultural legacy, but Soul Train was just a television show on Saturday mornings. Despite having some great musical groups lip sync to their favorite songs, it was on the same cultural level as the morning's children's cartoons... Soul Train was fun to watch until they hired part of the audience to be dancers, and they became caricatures of what real kids were like...

Then came this morning's headline, after two cups of coffee and the cat settling down in my lap: protests in Russia against election corruption. Over 100,000 people strong came out in sub-zero temperatures, both to protest Putin, and to support him. The pro-Putin ralliers were brought in by heated buses, and were composed primarily of teachers and state workers who were "asked" to participate. In a news conference, Putin said that he has resigned himself to a run-off election, but the results could be very bad for Russia, very destabilizing. Ol' Vlad resembles Newt Gingrich more and more these days, with the profitability of doom and gloom unless we let him save us. Only Vladimir will take his shirt off in public... or whatever photo op that might make us look past his dead eyes that say: "Cross me, and I will personally bury you..."

Russia hasn't gone along with all the other sheep at the UN, refusing to condemn Syria, which would clear the way for NATO troops to roll in with a few tanks and drones. This, after the Syrian government's forces have killed another 200 people. The protest is now one year old in Syria, if it keeps going at this rate, the government will have killed off all of the Syrian citizens within the year, and then it can be the new Palestinian homeland, and they can give up living in Israel... Maybe that's what the Hamas leader is actually doing, paving the way for their exodus to Damascus... In gratitude, Syrian computer hackers have been making entries on Russian websites and blogs, and invading the official government's website, and trying to hack some intelligence websites. Oh, those wacky Allawites...

Here at home, the Jewish pundits have been writing up a storm, trying to get us used to the thought of Israel bombing Iran. We have a treaty with Israel saying they are our allies, and we will support them if attacked. It doesn't say that we are supposed to support them if they are the attackers, so they want the US public warmed up to the idea that they must attack Iran to help them negotiate with the Palestinians. Good logic for a bunch of right wing extremists. My solution is to send all of our own right wing extremists over to Israel. Let them feed and cloth them for awhile, and listen to them bond with Avigdor and Bibi. That might cure the Israelis, if not the whole Middle East, of right wing beliefs and goofiness. Let them see that our extremists sound just like their right wing Islamists, that tea parties are a dumb idea, and thankfully, we can all learn to ignore them. Otherwise, we will get more totalitarian states that breeds ignorance and home-schooling... We will have changed that part of the world without firing one more shot, no need to thank me... Then, Israel and Iran can get back to being trading partners and don't have to keep the business deals they do now in the closet...

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