Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Putin's Puppets, Pining For That Old Time Conservatism...

"I understand why Barack Obama wants to send every kid to college, because of their indoctrination mills, absolutely ... The indoctrination that is going on at the university level is a harm to our country." - Rick Santorum
“I saw the worst reality show last night. Have you seen this one? It's called "the Republican Debate.’” – Jay Leno

“Rick Santorum is claiming that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have teamed up against him. Which is kind of ironic — that Santorum can be brought down by two men forming a civil union.” – Jay Leno

All the world's a stage, and all of the men and women are merely puppets of Vladimir Putin, if I may paraphrase the Bard... Two elections of world-wide importance are coming up at the beginning of March, the Russian presidential election and the Iranian parliamentary elections, both which are being highly manipulated by right wing extremists... In Putin's case, he has arrested opponents, created rallies in favor of himself, and, to drum up flagging public support, Russian tv now reports on a foiled assassination attempt. The last assassination attempt on Putin came after the last election, you may notice a trend here. Putin's campaign manager recently was quoted as saying that "Liberals are the worst kind of filth in our country..." Despite this effort, the anti-Putin rallies continue to get larger each time. It just won't be enough to unseat Vlad and the forces of repression.

The scam in Iran is that they will be holding free elections again this year. The government has been rounding up and placing in jail cells everyone that they feel might protest the elections and subsequent manipulation of vote tallies. They have gone so far as to arrest one man for the content of his Facebook page, and have developed a cyber-security squad to monitor the Internet and cyber cafes. So, if these elections come and go without much interest from journalists, it will be their own fault... The nuclear issue is one that also divides the government of Iran, witnessed by the schizophrenic statement made weekly. The UN arms inspectors who recently visited, wanted to visit a military site that the US suspected was being used for test blasts, but because it wasn't previously listed as a nuclear development site, they were refused. The headlines afterwards wondered what the Iranians were hiding, sparking suspicion and paranoia. Hardliners in the government just didn't want to budge any more than they had to, it was embarrassing enough for them to let the inspectors into their country, let alone go wherever they pleased. So, this morning came the announcement that Iran wished to sponsor an amendment in the UN to eliminate all nuclear weapons on earth. It will be vetoed by the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, for starters...

By the end of this evening we'll know how Michigan native Mitt Romney fared in the GOP primaries of Arizona and Michigan, or if upstart Rick Santorum had enough bad vibes to topple him. Of course, Michigan means little in the scheme of things, but 10 other states are also having primaries soon, and the results should give a good snapshot if Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should drop out or not. Unfortunately for us, all 4 candidates act like fools without any common sense and basic decency or sense of compassion for their fellow Americans. Rick Santorum seems to want to bring back the Catholic Inquisition, with his sickly interpretation of famous speeches on tolerance by John F Kennedy, and calling Obama a snob for wanting everyone to experience some education outside of high school. Ironically, Rick has two college degrees and a law degree, so you know that his sudden populism is fake, and I'm sure that none of his kids will go to a trade school...

Mitt keeps on putting his foot in his mouth, then chewing further, in his awkward attempts to bond with the common man. At a rally, he showed up in colors supporting NASCAR, then said that he had friends who were NASCAR team owners... We ought to lock Mitt up in a shopping mall for a few days, force him to rub up against real middle-class people, not let his wife drive around in her two Cadillacs for awhile... Ever the hypocrite and flip-flopper, when asked about his failure to excite the GOP base, Mitt replied:
"It's very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments. We've seen throughout the campaign if you're willing to say really outrageous things that are accusative, attacking of President Obama, that you're going to jump up in the polls. I'm not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am.

So, sure I could excite these people if I said a bunch of crazy stuff. But that's not how I roll."

John McCain lamented that watching the primary elections was like watching a Greek tragedy. Former Ronald Reagan staff members have been very critical of the candidates, with economist Bruce Bartlett calling them all "insane," while John Stockman has said that extremism is not true conservatism.

Old conservatives would be considered to be moderate or liberals now. As Bill Clinton once noted during a Cabinet meeting: "I hope you're all aware we're all Eisenhower Republicans. We stand for lower deficits, and free trade and the bond market." During his inauguration, Dwight Eisenhower summed up the old view of conservatism as:
"There is, in our affairs at home, a middle way between untrammeled freedom of the individual and the demands for the welfare of the whole nation. This way must avoid government by bureaucracy as carefully as it avoids neglect of the helpless."

Today's GOP lacks that kind of eloquence and compassion. This is what happens once you let the dogs out...

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