Monday, February 6, 2012

Can Komen Handel A Cure?, Tebowing As A Verb

‎"I will not be satisfied until super PAC means, 'a frothy mix of lube and campaign funding that is sometimes the byproduct of politics.'" – Stephen Colbert

‎"To all the worryworts out there who said super PACs were going to lead to a cabal of billionaires secretly buying democracy: wrong! They are publicly buying democracy." – Stephen Colbert

“Mitt Romney said he is not concerned with the very poor. That statement worked out well for Marie Antoinette, didn’t it?” – Jay Leno

This week's cruelest joke:
“I think I can prove that Mitt Romney is the whitest man ever because he won Florida, became the undisputed front runner and then the next day, the host of Soul Train killed himself.” – Bill Maher

Dueling economics:
"So here’s what needs to be said about the latest numbers: yes, we’re doing a bit better, but no, things are not O.K. — not remotely O.K. This is still a terrible economy, and policy makers should be doing much more than they are to make it better." - Paul Krugman

" This morning Gov. McDonnell (R) of Virginia -- a major rising star -- said the improving economy is due to Republican governors, not President Obama." - Josh Marshal

A lot of women got pissed off recently, at the KOMEN Foundation for the Cure, for pulling out of a grant to Planned Parenthood. It was a politically motivated gesture created by Karen Handel, that had nothing to do with the charity's policies. Right wing extremist and ex-Bush government spokesmodel Ari Fleisher somehow got the job of VP for the ex-lieutenant governor of Georgia at the Komen foundation, which is dedicated to eradicating breast cancer. She came up with the flimsy excuse in the by-laws, to deny funding to "any group that is under investigation." Planned Parenthood is under investigation from a right wing extremist attorney general in Florida, who wants to make really sure that they aren't funding any abortions with Federal money, which it never has... In response, thousands of women stopped donating to the charity, cutting up their pink ribbons and mailing them back, until the CEO reversed that policy, saying no, we meant any organization under "criminal" investigation will lose our support... Ms Handel still has her job, and is still plotting other ways to use the charity to front her extremist positions: "It became clear Thursday night that something had to give," the source said. "Nancy Brinker, Liz Thompson, the board, and leadership were saying, 'We're really worried about Komen's mission if we don't figure this out.' But Karen was still arguing against it as of Friday morning -- she was horrified that we were caving, she said. She's politically tone-deaf."

The Komen foundation is one of the more transparent charities, rated positively as a 66% by a charity tracking website. Out of every dollar given, $0.09 goes towards actual research on breast cancer. The other 91 cents goes towards administrative salaries and administrative projects, without elaborating what any of those projects are. As Susan Collins pointed out, a lot of those projects consisted of hunting down anyone using the color pink or the phrase "for the cure" and taking them to court... If this is one of the good charities, one cannot wonder about all the other charities, and how much less money they actually give towards their stated purposes? This is what I've meant that all charities are scams...

Egypt is going to put 19 of the 600 non-governmental groups and charities working inside their country on trial, for beings fronts for intelligence organizations and rip-off organizations designed to siphon off money from any economic recover, like some form of alien, bloated leech. Protests and whining is still coming from the State Dept, whose task it is to publicly clean up after these kinds of odious creatures...

To prove just how tough the State Department really is, they shut down our recently opened embassy in Syria and made everyone go home. So much for dedication to diplomacy, especially in tough times. And, to rub their faces in it, President Obama is announcing more sanctions against Iran. Glad to see that even Barak can get caught up in the madness of legislating crowds... Anyway, every other country that has had to let in an American or European "charity" will be watching to see what happens in Egypt. The Egyptian military is hoping that it will distract attention away from its own corrupt practices, and go back to a simpler time of just hating Americans... It's looking like the only solution to the Syrian problem will be to go in and root out those blood-crazed generals and members of the Assad family. No longer can we count on a Romanian solution. Even watchers from the Arab League turned tail and left, once they realized that real bullets were being used, and the possibility of death didn't mesh with their dreams of being Islamic heroes...

I dream almost every night of solving the world's problems and bringing about lasting peace, but don't have the courage to leave my comfy chair and go out the front door. None of my old friends or family bother to read my blog anymore, because they don't like my snarky take on politics. OK, nobody else I know has become as obsessed as I have to write about current events. I've asked several of my more liberal and literate friends if they'd like to write a few posts for this blog, and most of them didn't even bother to e-mail me back, which kind of hurt my feelings, or meant that I wrote to them as my Excelon patch wore off...

What is Tebowing?
(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tomorrow night is the Republican Caucus here in Colorado. Last Saturday, the Golf Channel, where I get all of my news, broadcast an interview with Tim Tebow, asking if he'd ever consider running for office. Politely, Tim said that it might be possible, just like it might be possible for him to learn how to work an offense within the pocket... and now this is being blown way out of proportion by the media.

That anyone would seriously consider Tim as a political candidate at his tender age, signifies the death of the tea parties as having any influence in politics. Ever since they first came on the scene here in Colorado, they have promoted a bunch of candidates who made sexist, racist, and just plain stupid gaffes in public, and were rejected by the voters. So, yeah, I could see Tim Tebow as a candidate, he is dumb enough to make a good Congressman, and no worse than the others that have been run for governor and the senate. Hopefully, by then he'll have learned how to pass, so the buck won't stop here... As for myself, all I have to say, is Amen, brother, Amen...


  1. Tebowing is a verb? So is Masturbating!

  2. I see... well, we all have our favorite ways of communing with the Holy Spirit. Do you talk in tongues while engaging in the act, or is it all visualizing for you?


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