Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You, Congress, For Solving All Of Our Problems!!!

Roger Cohen
Joe Nocera

Well, now that the debt ceiling crisis is over and Barack Obama has joined the tea party, the Democrats might be thinking who they can run for president in the next election. My thinking is that Hillary Clinton would easily win, especially if she asked her husband Bill to be her running partner for vice-president, making it another historic event. And it wouldn't surprise me if Mr Obama tried to further suck up by ditching Mr Biden and asking Michele Bachmann to join his new team... And yet, old tools like George Will are still trying to brand Obama as a liberal.

What little idealism many folks had in the Obama administration, and government in general, evaporated over the weekend. Disgust with the Democrats, cynicism over the Republicans, blogged over and over again. It almost makes you wish that an agreement wasn't reached and the whole damned government went to hell in a handbasket. After all. the damage has already been done on the international level. If you were a foreign investor, would you be buying US Treasury bonds? So, the One World Overlords, who are using the easily manipulated tea party minions, are happy that their plans to destroy the US economy is going so well...

A second prong in their nefarious plans is promoting a global rise in extreme right wing conservatism, mainly because it fosters more people who are mentally ill and prone to violent means. It doesn't matter if the extremist is a member of al Qaeda or a Norwegian white supremacist, the result ends in the death of innocents.

Thankfully, the frustrated old farts can only hack into phone calls while denying all knowledge, leaving it to the younger generation to throw employees under the bus, or send in the security forces to shoot and kill innocent civilians while labeling them as outside agitators. I was trying to find a metaphor to use with Vladimeer Putin, but he is in a world of his own...

Our economy is still screwed, and we may never recover. The projections for the next five to ten years are not favorable, and we will continue to lose more jobs once we start cutting back by trillions, because the decisions that will be made won't be smart ones, they will be political ones, instead. Our AAA rating is about to be downgraded by companies that we recently found out were selling their AAA ratings to companies like AIG and Goldman and Sachs... And we will probably make a deal with Moody's and Standard and Poor's to drop current criminal investigations into their sleazy practices for keeping our top ratings... Now, that's compromising, folks.

Best of all, the End Times have begun in Texas at the same time that Ramadan has started... Coincidence, or just bad journalism?

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