Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Qaddafi Sends His Family as Guinea Pigs

Robert C Kaiser
Maureen Dowd
Paul Krugman

It looks like Moammar Qaddafi has sent his second wife, daughter, two sons and their children to act as guinea pigs, entering into Algeria for asylum. He may be keeping his son Saif back in case there are any more taunts to make at the Western press. Many citizens of Tripoli think that he is still hiding out in some bunker beneath their feet; after all, he's had 42 years to prepare and stock up... wonder if he has any energy drinks with him? Or Pakistani porn like the kind that bin Laden watched, Debbie Does the Silk Road...

The next debate will be to see if the families can stay in Algeria, or will they be extradited back to Libya. If allowed to stay, then probably Papa Bear will show up to join them. Fashionistas will want to know if he has designed something special for a dictator to wear while traveling into exile, or if he has just thrown something on from off the rack... The rebels aren't sure what kind of government will come next, but they are united in wanting some sane people to be in charge.

Now the European powers-that-be and the US intelligence services are debating what to do about Syria, where not a day has gone by without citizens being shot by the military. Even Iran has asked the Syrian government to tone it down. Turkey has been hinting at some kind of military solution of its own. If Syria lost its ruling class of Allowites, it could mean the end of possible Iranian hegemony, pushing the area into a Shia - Sunni civil war. Israelis are concerned that the anger bred by a civil war could easily become focused towards them, and then they'd have to pull out the nukes that they say they don't have.

Thankfully, we no longer have someone like Dick Cheney in charge of foreign policy anymore. I'm sure that he'd have us charging in like we did going into Iraq, pretending that we believed whatever bullshit excuse he had concocted. At least George W bush has been smart enough to keep his mouth shut after he retired... In fact, I'd much rather have George W as president than Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann, I bet he'd be a lot different now that he learned how to stand up to Cheney and ignore his interventionist advice...

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