Saturday, March 20, 2010

EU and UN Gang Up on Israel, Obama Supports Free Internet in Iran, The Trials of Dr Orly Taitz Esquire

Fareed Zakaria
David Remnick
Yaakov Katz

"After watching Netanyahu's government over the past year, I have concluded that he is actually not serious about the Iranian threat" - Fareed Zakaria
"So it has been disturbing to see that some right-wing members of the Israeli political élite, along with some ordinary Israelis, often seem to derive their most acute sense of Barack Obama from Fox News and the creepier nooks of the blogosphere" - David Remnick
"t may lead to a third intifada, during which Israel would be fighting a 20,000-strong militia, half of which was trained by the US and EU, and not terrorist organizations like Hamas or Islamic Jihad." - Yaakov Katz

The European Union and the UN are ganging up to pressure Israel to cut out the building of houses in inflammatory areas and get it's butt into gear and seriously negotiate with the Palestinians. As in let's create a Palestinian state within the next 24 months, quit stalling. The message isn't going over well, especially among those who believe that every square inch of land is given to them by God to do with as they please. This conservative Israeli attitude towards their darker brothers is similar to the American attitude towards the American Indians - don't get uppity and stay on the reservations. The Palestinians must continue to act like a conquered people, accept their miserable fate in Gaza to pay for the sins of Hamas... Yaakov Katz, in his opinion piece from the Jerusalem Post, paints the worst case scenario for Israel if a third intifada rises up, saying it could happen next year. There won't be any movement until after the AIPAC Conference March 21-23 in Washington DC.

President Obama has taken up the cause of a freer Internet in Iran, and once again offered to meet and talk with the government of Iran. In a video that was released in Iran, but not shown on the state run television, Obama also offered: "... increased educational programmes to allow young Iranians to study in the US, and suggested that Washington would take an active role to ensure online communication. He promised US efforts to "ensure that Iranians can have access to the software and internet technology that will enable them to communicate with each other, and with the world, without fear of censorship".

Opposition supporters in Iran used social networking sites and services such as Twitter, Facebook and the Google-owned YouTube website to get their message out following the country's disputed presidential election." In response, the iranian government said that Obama was trying to twist public opinion by denying their achievements in space science and nuclear peace building. Last year Obama offered an open hand if Tehran would unclench its fist. This year he if offering an open hand if Tehran would unclench its butt. Unfortunately, we know what will come rushing out... ewww. What I didn't know is that the Iranian government bought a lot of bootleg American movie DVDs and broadcasted them over their state run television whenever the opposition tried to have a rally. Yes, they bribed the populace with Disney movies to stay at home and watch such decadence...

California maybe going into bankruptcy, their legislature dysfunctional, and every summer half of the state is set on fire, but at least the State Bar seems to be working just fine. Orly Taitz, the Russian immigrant who started the birther movement, claiming that Barack Obama is not a US citizen, is under investigation and could become disbarred.

Dr Orly Taitz Esquire, who joined the California State Bar in 2002, has been filing many briefs in Georgia over the claim that Barack Obama was not born in the US and therefore cannot be allowed to be President. She chose to file in Georgia because she was told that Georgia might be the most sympathetic to her arguments. Unfortunately for her, the Federal judge dismissed her case. She then accused the judge of treason, and kept on filing briefs in the hope that one stuck to the wall.

The judge imposed a sanction of professional misconduct against Orly for filing what amounted to be frivolous lawsuits, and forwarded his ruling to the California State Bar. Ms Taitz is working hard for her 15 minutes of fame, and on her website has stated how impressed she is by the intelligence of Liz Cheney, and that she would work for her if Liz ran for President. What I want to know, is which Russian mafia group allowed Orly to immigrate to the US, and did they do it to get rid of her and not have to put up with her crazy acts in the motherland...

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