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American Taliban Caught in Karachi, Psychic Profit Indicted as Fraud

Samuel Jacobs
Michael Bennet
Tahir ul-Qadri

In addition to proposed sanctions against businesses that do business with the Revolutionary Guard, the US has also toyed with setting up a naval blockade in the Persian Gulf. To counter the West's pawn moves, Iran has announced that they are making a bunch of powerful short range missiles that can blow anything we send out of the water. Check. The US's goal is to isolate Iran both physically and financially, with the hope that this will make them play nice. The only thing that will be allowed to penetrate the cordon will be the Afghan drug traders, bringing the gift of poppies so that the citizens of Tehran can forget their miseries...

To help increase this year's soon to be bumper crop of poppies in Afghanistan, we are letting the drug lords stockpile the precursor chemicals that go into the production of heroin and morphine: "According to a survey of global counter-narcotics efforts, Afghanistan remains the world's top producer of opium despite a 22% decline in the area under poppy cultivation there during 2009. Historically, traffickers have exported raw opium produced in Afghanistan to other countries for processing into heroin and other opiates. In recent years, however, the country has emerged as one of the biggest producers of refined products.

Drug traffickers in Afghanistan deal in all forms of opiates, including unrefined opium, semi-refined morphine base and refined heroin.

The decrease in poppy cultivation has as much to do with economics as security, according to independent experts in the US. ''The decline is fueled by over-production of poppy which led to a lowering of prices,'' said Vanda Felbab-Brown, a security expert with the Brookings Institution and author of Shooting Up: Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs. ''The market is saturated," she told Inter Press Service." Last year's crop was smaller because there was more production than demand in europe and Russia, but with the increasing outlook of the new Iranian market, things are looking up for the Afghan economy. Isn't working with the Karzai government better than that nasty old Taliban?

Richard Holbrooke isn't as effective as a special envoy these days. He doesn't get along with the Afghanis, and the Pakistanis see him as arrogant and someone they cannot work with. So they have been bonding with the spook side of our government, with the results that they have been finding and arresting all sorts of al-Qaeda members lately. This morning they caught the infamous California born Adam Gadahn who: "... has served as an important symbol for Al Qaeda. Wearing a beard and long dark hair, he speaks in an American accent on videos produced by the Qaeda media cell, Al Sahab.

He has been on the F.B.I.’s most wanted list since 2004 with a $1 million reward for information leading to his capture, and he is the first American charged with treason in more than half a century. He is believed to have been operating on the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Biographical sketches of Mr. Gadahn, who is about 32, say he converted to Islam at a mosque in Orange County, California, and moved to Pakistan in 1998. Also known as Azzam al-Amriki, Mr. Gadahn apparently joined a Qaeda training camp six years later." Someone has decided to clean house in Karachi, and the end result is that Pakistan can dictate the terms of their relationship with the CIA to their advantage. They won't give up Mullah Omar, that is asking too much, but everyone else seems to be fair game. It seems as though the Mid East is tired of all of this al-Qaeda bs, the game was fun in the beginning, but now everyone is picking up all of their equipment and going home. Time to get on with the rest of our lives...

One of my favorite frauds, Sean David Morton. has been charged with securities fraud by the SEC, bilking 100 people out of over $6 million. The joke going around is that if he is psychic, why didn't he see the indictment coming?

Sean has been a guest several times on the late night radio show Coast to Coast, with host George Noory and original host Art Bell. Sean is also a compulsive liar and self promoter who has tried several different ways to make money off of the fringe elements. I used to listen to Coast to Coast when I was working all night delivering newspapers, it filled up three hours per night of wonderfully wacky guests along with more serious theorists and scientists. Oh yeah, there were the UFO folks, and a lot of the programming is geared towards those who like to hear a good scary story late at night.

Sean's biography has changed a lot over the years, he used to make a lot more claims about having psychic powers, but has narrowed it down to one or two. He used to claim to be a qigong healer and master, but took down all of those claims from his website after I confronted him on them. I guess he figured that nobody in America actually knew about a Chinese system of martial meditations. The picture above shows him doing a fake movement that has nothing to do with qigong or martial arts, the position of the hand and wrist is all wrong. Nice cat, though. One of the most basic lies in his biography is the claim that: "After a life-changing personal audience with the Dalai Lama, His Holiness instructed Sean to trek to the Black Hat monastery of T'ang Boyche in Nepal, near the foot of Mt. Everest." The Dalai Lama is not a guru and will never send anyone out on a spiritual quest, Sean is mixing up a Hindu practice from India and putting it onto a Buddhist from Tibet. And there isn't a Black Hat Monastery located at the foot of Mount Everest, except maybe in the movie Lost Horizons...

Sean and his wife live in a crappy two bedroom shack in Hermosa Beach, though it is i/1 block from the ocean. If you would like to see how well Sean does as a psychic, here is a link to an old web site that used to keep track of all of the predictions made on the Coast to Coast show... And for those gullible folks who invested their money with Sean, you know what they say about a fool and their money...

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