Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Day 2

Another night of alternating punditry with Johnny Test and Ben 10, the Democratic Convention has been pretty interesting this year. MSNBC's Chris Matthews throwing a snit-fit at Keith Olberman was fun, he looked like he'd had one too many. Take him out of his element, his television show Hardball, and you see how shallow he can be when he can't interrupt his guests and has to speak in full sentences.

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner gave a snoozer and self-serving speech. I guess he won't be hired for many Rotarian lunches in the future.

Of course the highlight was Hillary Clinton's speech. Got to give the lady her props, she gave the best speech of her career, managed to satisfy her supporters as well as Obama's supporters, take a few clever jabs at McCain, and made every woman listening proud to be an American. I suspect there are quite a few who are thinking too bad the ticket can't be Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama... As for Bill, my sister claims that she can read lips, and she counted at least four times when the camera caught him watching her speech and he mouthed  " I love you. "

The ladies speeches have been so well written and delivered that it may be anti-climatic listening to Bill Clinton and Joe Biden tonight. Which is weird because Bill is known for how well he delivers speeches. Now we'll see if we get the Bill at the top of his form, the unifying Bill, or the cranky old guy who will put his foot in his mouth. I'm getting popcorn for this one...

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