Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention

We try to watch news programs to try and get the grand-daughters interested in current events and analysis, but they still seem more interested in Animal Planet and the Cartoon Network. 

I watched MSNBC's coverage of the first day of the Democratic Convention. I liked the speeches given, hated the hours of pundits trying to determine if they meant anything or not. I was impressed with how lucid Ted Kennedy looked, even though he will die within the next few weeks. He made it through 4 minutes and his family were in tears all the way. 

Michelle Obama's speech provided catharsis for a lot of women in the audience, I think when she was talking about how she and Barack grew up, it touched a lot of people and they related to her story. Funny how we tend to see people in political races more in abstract terms and not as living, breathing human beings. Of course, hand the microphone over to a couple of little girls and you can't help but be reminded... I doubt that Cindy McCain will give a speech at the GOP Convention unless she has some heartwarming stories about distributing beer when she was a youngster and had to earn her allowance.

I think that Joe Biden is a good choice as a running mate. He is one of the hardest workers in the Senate, and also one of the smartest. I get so tired of idiotic blowhards that rely on the manufactured personalities of their campaign strategists. We need to try Carl Rove for treason and hang his fat ass from the Capitol steps, a change that we can believe in...

When the Democrats achieved a majority in Congress, Nancy Pelosi vowed to end putting pork in bills, among other empty promises made. Hasn't happened yet and Alaska's Ted Stevens is being set up to take a rap for it. Ok, he was so arrogant that he thought nobody would catch him accepting bribery because it happened in his home town. The sad thing is that he finds nothing wrong with it, it's his right. This is a good example why we should take professional politicians out of politics: they lose their sense of common morality and become estranged from the rest of humanity. If we have a lottery on election day among registered voters, then if your number comes up you have to serve. It would work well for all elected offices.

- yiquan

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