Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Local GOP Primary, Colorado Springs

Yesterday's voting results went the way I had predicted. The local papers reported mainly on the Republican results, dismissing the Democratic results even though it looks like Barack Obama will win Colorado come November.

The race for the DA's office was immediate because only two Republican candidates ran, and the winner will take the office. The incumbent John Newsome acted like a clueless frat boy, and his attitude is what cost him the election. He was filmed by a local TV station drinking 30 ounces of beer during working hours, then driving off in a county owned car. Instead of apologizing he insisted that he was not impaired and what was the big deal? The woman he was drinking with, another County employee, was even more hostile, not winning any sympathy and prompting his challenger, Dan May, to enter the race. He won, but let's be honest: Daffy Duck could have run against Newsome and won...

Doug Lamborn won against Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayborn. If there aren't any perceived difference between the candidates, the incumbent will usually win. No-one will vote for a guy who's last name reminds people of bad methamphetamines, and Bentley expected people to be so impressed by his being a retired Air Force Colonel that they would overlook that he doesn't have an original idea inside of his head.

The most fun was in the race Bruce vs Waller, for HD-15. Waller is a bland, chubby guy who won't rock the boat ( and may get defeated in Nov ), while our Mr. Bruce is an arrogant, blustery blowhard who offends people from both sides of the aisle. He was appointed to the seat just to get rid of him here in Colorado Springs. That he lost and is now out of politics was the plan all along and he is just too dumb to see it. I haven't met him in person yet, so I can't tell if he is an alcoholic with impaired judgement, or an only child who never learned how to play well with others. Maybe now he can upgrade his properties and not be a slum lord anymore...

- yiquan

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