Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mayan Calendar, Finland Confiscates 69 Patriot Missiles, Newt's New Ethics Complaint

According to the Mayan calendar, we have one year left until the end of the world. Will it be one big party, or will there be such large natural disasters that we will be too busy to notice? NASA is predicting some large solar flares this next year, that could possible damage every computer on earth. Survivalists say that most communities have about two or three days of food available in stores, and all it takes is six or seven days without food and water before we turn feral and start attacking each other with guns. So the timeline from something like a solar flare to where we go feral and kill each other off is less than two weeks... From this kind of a scenario, the ascension of the faithful seems a lot more desirous, unless its the mother-ship that sucks them up, ready to perform anal dissection like we were some kind of supersnax...

From Bruce Cockburn's Last Night of the World:

I've seen the flame of hope among the hopeless
And that was truly the biggest heartbreak of all
That was the straw that broke me open
If this were the last night of the world
What would I do?
What would I do that was different
Unless it was champagne with you?

Here's a news item that will quickly vanish, and we may never know the outcome, from the AP: "The Finnish authorities on Wednesday impounded 160 tons of explosives and 69 surface-to-air Patriot missiles that were found on a British-flagged cargo ship. While the ship’s ultimate destination was Shanghai, officials said, it was not clear where the weapons were bound.

The cargo ship, M/S Thor Liberty, sailed from the German port of Emden on Dec. 13 and two days later docked in Kotka, Finland, to pick up a cargo of anchor chains, said a Finnish Customs spokesman, Petri Lounatmaa.

Investigating officers did not know the origin of the missiles or who was supposed to receive them, Mr. Lounatmaa said. “We have impounded the explosives and missiles and asked the Defense Ministry to transport and store them,” he said. At this point, he said, it had not been determined “if the Thor Liberty planned a drop before its port of destination in China.”

Detective Superintendent Timo Virtanen of the National Bureau of Investigation said dock workers found the explosives stored on open pallets instead of in closed containers. They alerted inspectors, who found the missiles in containers that were marked as fireworks. Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen said she had not heard of a similar case. “Of course, there are legal transports of weapons or defense material, but in this case the cargo was marked as containing fireworks,” Ms. Rasanen told the national broadcaster YLE TV. “That is quite unusual.”

The questions asked is, who is buying the weapons, and who is sending them? On the surface, it seems the Brits are up to something, but since 80% of intelligence forces are hired third parties, the missiles could be shipped by anybody acting as a middle-man. The farther from a government agency, the better the deniability. Patriot missiles are US made, and it would be scary to think that someone other than the US military can get their hands on 69 missiles. So, who do we secretly want to send missiles and munitions to between Finland and China? Probably either Libya, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia brokered out of a NATO stockpile in Britain... Flip the scenario if the explosives were brokered privately, then the whole mess could be destined for Palestine or Iran.. It could be that this is how an indebted country like Spain plans to get out of debt, not to rely on bailouts... To add to the Doomsday script, Russia just announced that it is building the world's largest bomb, to be called SATAN...

"How is it that voters loathe Obama, with a personal history of high moral standing and liberal policies, while supporting a conservative with a history of immorality?" - Walter Rogers

I almost feel bad about relating this next tidbit, joining with the GOP presidential candidates in attacking Newt Gingrich, hitting him from all angles until he no longer is the frontrunner... Mr Nasty is proclaiming to be running a positive, clean campaign, with no negative ads, and he's complaining, whining actually, over how he is being treated. We'll see how long that promise lasts, because everyone else is just lambasting him, with over 1200 negative ads against him in Iowa, so far...

A new ethics violation of the campaign laws has been filed against Newt's campaign, on how he is making personal money from public donations, specifically paying himself for the use of a: " personal mailing list. The Post reports that Gingrich paid himself for the list, even as the campaign was struggling to pay off nearly $1.2 million it owed to other vendors.

But the CREW complaint alleges that Gingrich never actually owned the list, noting that it has never been disclosed among the candidate's personal assets. Instead, the government watchdog claims that the list belonged to Gingrich Productions, the production company run by Gingrich's wife Callista.

“Newt Gingrich will do anything to make a buck, even sell his own mailing list to his campaign,” CREW executive director Melanie Sloan told Business Insider. "Of course, he has a long history of playing fast and loose with ethics rules, so this should come as a surprise to no one."

CREW also accuses Gingrich of improperly mixing campaign events and book sales. Referencing a recent New York Times article, the complaint alleges that while campaigning, Gingrich uses corporate funds from Gingrich Productions to subsidize his campaign events, while also using his rallies to push his book sales.

For example, at book signings, the Gingrichs collect the names of people waiting in line and put it on their political mailing list. At the same time, proceeds from the books go directly to the Gingrichs, not to the campaign. “There seems to be an uptick in candidates using campaign funds to enrich themselves," Sloan said. "And it looks like Gingrich is finding every way possible to gather names for his lists – he is crossing lines that he is not legally allowed to cross.

Gingrich's campaign has denied any wrongdoing, stating that the campaign and Gingrich Productions keep finances separate. "If the FEC considers the complaint, they will find that the rules are being followed and published regulations are being enforced," campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond said in a statement today, responding to the complaint."

Many people consider Newt's rise to front runner as a fluke, that all he really wanted to do was make money from his website, and feeding the addiction of public adulation by being in front of television cameras. He pretty much sucked as a history teacher, was denied tenure by his peers at West Georgia College, wherever that is, but that has developed into his current incarnation as teacher to the whole country, and grand intellectual of the GOP...

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