Thursday, October 13, 2011

Iranian Plots Again...

Kenneth Pollack
David Ignatius
Pepe Escobar
"The Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered outside Rupert Murdoch's house chanting, 'What do we want?' Murdoch interrupted saying, 'I already know, I hacked your phones.'" – Craig Ferguson
"Sarah Palin gave a speech in South Korea. Just what the Koreans needed: Two crazy dictators in fashionable lady's glasses." – Conan O'Brien
"Herman Cain was in 2nd place in most of the national polls, behind Mitt Romney. Apparently his message of 'less government, more toppings' has been well received." – Jimmy Kimmel

The hawks among us are demanding a response to the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador on our soil. Dick Cheney must be drooling right now, wishing that he and his cronies were back in power, they'd show the world who was boss... The more tolerant are scratching their heads, wondering how such a professional group as the Quds could fall for such a lame operation. Well, people wondered at the stupidity of invading Iraq on the basis of a son trying to prove he has larger cojones than his wimpy father, but we went along. Do we invade Iran on just as flimsy evidence? If anything, we should let Texas secede from the Union, based on the dreams of a used car salesman thinking he had made his big score... Or make it a law to not allow anyone from Texas seeking national office, because the summer heat warps their brains and causes them to do irrational things... The problem with extremist behavior is that it appears so irrational and unbelievable to saner and more moderate people, it seems improbable that anyone would come up with such a dangerous plot, much less act it out. But to fanatical Iranians, what does it matter sacrificing a few hundred Iraqis, or Syrians, or Lebanese, or Palestinians, or American infidels, if it means promoting the Shiite cause?

The one scary aspect of this story that has been down-played, is what might happen if the South American drug cartels hooked up with regimes such as Iran or Afghanistan, forming a truly global drug trade. There already have been attempts to unload cocaine in Africa, and develop a route to smuggle it up to Europe and Russia. If Iran goes into wholesale drug smuggling, they may become the principal trading partner with Afghanistan after the US leaves, and they are also trying to develop economic markets for their goods in South America. We can only guess what a mess would be created if we decriminalized all drugs and not make them as profitable...

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