Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change Iran Can Believe In, The Hermanator Scam

Roger Cohen
Paul Krugman
"The Occupy Wall Street protests continued in New York City. Today the protests have been going on for four weeks now. That's longer than most NBC sitcoms last." – Jimmy Kimmel
"Herman Cain has moved ahead of Mitt Romney. Can you believe that? Political analysts say this is because Americans don't understand Mormonism but they do understand pizza." – Conan O'Brien
"The Republicans had yet another debate the other night. This is their seventh one. They're apparently going to keep having these debates until Rick Perry can get one right." – Jay Leno

"The Saudi government is upset about this plot to assassinate their ambassador. As you know, Saudi Arabia condemns all acts of terrorism unless, of course, they're sponsoring them." – Jay Leno

Nothing really major happened over the weekend, unless you lived in the Phillipines or Southeast Asia, where the monsoons are even worse than last year. Both co-leaders of Iran gave lectures to the press, saying it wasn't our illustrious generals who were smoking the wacky weed; the so called assassination plot is a fiction by the Americans to divert attention away from their own economic problems. I'm trying to find something funny in that, except its probably true. Lord knows, Eric Holder is trying to divert attention away from the botched gun running activities of the DEA and Justice Dept is accused of letting continue on the border...

The more conservative leaders in Iran feel that President Ahmadinejad oftens plays the fool and presents a less than dignified portrayal of their country, and they are tired of having other world leaders laugh and make fun of them. In his speech, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned Ahmadinejad that Iran doesn't have to have the kind of government that has a presidency, that they can just as easily change over to a parliamentary style if he continues with his temper tantrums. This maybe the change they can believe in... So far, no reporter has been able to interview the guy who could answer most of the questions, did he come up with the plan all by himself, or did he have tutoring from some Qud generals and drug cartel informants...

With all of the focus on the high drama of the GOP candidate's debates and the collective whining of our congressmen, not much press has been given to what Barack Obama has been up to. This will change once we get into 2012 and election modes go into full swing, in a pretense to being fair and balanced. Pundits want to be the first to proclaim that it will be Mitt Romney who will be the Republican candidate, and the tea party folks will compromise and come around.

The slurs against the Mormons are beginning, and it will intensify during December and January. It's hard to come to the defense of Mormonism because yes, it really is a cult, and even the most politically correct liberal have a hard time generating enough indignant energy.

The stories of Herman Cain giving himself money from his campaign coffers is beginning to be reported, so it seems that I was justified in claiming that Mr Cain is out to scam the public. Donate your money, buy his book, and help this man secure his retirement, so he can fade from view just like Ross Perot did. But it sure beats trying to make a living as an inspirational speaker, entitled The Hermanator Experience...

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