Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trump Plays Vegas, Obama And Meyers At White House Correspondents Dinner

Kathleen Parker
Gail Collins
Johan Hari
"Too many seem satisfied to let the fringe inform the base. We dwell in a time when buffoons are elevated and presidents are compelled to respond to the jester. These circumstances cannot bode well for the republic." - Kathleen Parker
“One would argue the white men themselves were instrumental weapons of mass destruction against the Native Americans. Should we not honor any white people?” - Ariz Sen Steve Smith
“Reagan came up with this great thing about the ‘misery index’ and he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck,” Romney said. “Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck.” - Mit Romney
"We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way!" - Sarah Palin

Now that Obama has released the lp version of his birth certificate, you can find out if your neighbor is certifiably insane, depending if they concede the fact that the president was born in the USA, or if they still spout alternative theories and refuse to hear you. Or, they could be a follower of Donald Trump, who is parading himself as an expletive filled, ranting Everyman. Below are the two parts of his most recent speech, given last night in Las Vegas, it's fucking awesome:

Supposedly, Trump is polling as the top vote getter among the GOP right now, which may tell us many things, if we wish to paste on silly theories to a flimsy thing like a poll number. Even Michele Bachmann had a sensible reaction to Obama's birth certificate, conceded that was the end of that... The GOP could consist of old white guys who were raised during the time of segregation, like my father, and still have a slightly racist outlook on life. They know better, but in moments of unconscious stress, show how they were raised... Supposedly, we are all behind that kind of behavior, but each generation has to learn their own variation on these lessons learned. The GOP is filled with younger white guys that have yet to come to terms with Black people, probably because they've never socially interacted with a Black, Brown, or Yellow person in their miserable lives... Since part of the GOP strategy for 2012 is to constantly criticize Barack Obama in everything he says and does, saying mildly racist statements is a part of the process. The GOP is filled with old and younger white guys that are puppets who regurgitate talking points to the media, who swallow those worms with gusto and pleasure...

In contrast, here is president Obama giving his comedy routine at the White house Correspondents Dinner. Donald Trump attended, and he was not amused. Even less amused than the laughter directed his way:

The main speaker was Seth Meyers, who also roasted Donald Trump, among others:

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