Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That's Funny, You Don't Look Cartoonish, Dictator's Manifesto

Economist article on China's Princelings
Eugene Robinson
"Donald Trump said he will not decide about a possible run for the presidency until after the current season of 'Celebrity Apprentice' wraps up. Say what you want about Trump, at least this guy has his priorities in order. He doesn't want to let any reality get in the way of his reality show." – Jay Leno
"Donald Trump has a great campaign slogan: 'A complex world demands complex hair.'" – David Letterman
"Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination. He has a slogan to win over the Republicans: 'Vote for me, I'm not Trump.'" – Craig Ferguson

Not much has been going on in the news, or have I become too jaded, everything just seems cartoonish, used to tsunamis, tornados, war, and the threat of nuclear meltdown to be able to focus on local and mundane events? I yawn when confronted with the schizophrenic behavior of al-Assad in Syria, simultaneously ending martial law and shooting to kill those ungrateful protesters. I merely chuckle when I read that Arizona's Governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed the newly passed birther bill, citing grounds that it was unconstitutional. I did laugh at Louisiana's Bobby Jindal saying that he would sign a bill like that into law if it came across his desk. Poor Bobby, he'll do or say anything for a few more minutes in the national spotlight... and I forgot where I heard that Donald Trump's running mate should be Gary Busey, either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert...

The military still hasn't officially put the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell into effect, they are waiting until they perform a few studies, then take the results to a policy group, who will study the best way to make the study's results into official policy. Enough procrastinating to last at least two more years and another election... The military has also moved their pesky gay prisoner, the one that they were stripping naked every night because he might prove suicidal, and placed him at Leavenworth, Kansas. Dan Manning is accused of downloading low level intelligence reports from embassy officials from all over the world and posting them with wikileaks, because he was mad at the military for not repealing the DADT policy, or because he was a computer nerd who enjoyed hacking into files he was not allowed to, or because he thought that the files were so lame that there was no way they should remain secret, or because he just so happened to have an empty thumb drive with him at work one day, or because he envisioned the time that he would get to show off his naked body to a bunch of marine guards watching him on videotape every night... He'll be getting the same treatment at his new digs, and they might even come up with a few more humiliations for the man they already have branded a traitor. Let's just say that no-one's baking him fresh cookies anytime soon.

Now that the global focus is on corruption in our governments, will anyone actually do something about it, or just talk some smack like Dmitry Medvedev or Hu Jintao, and let dishonest business as usual continue? Too bad we don't have any enterprising young journalists to compile these stories of greed and corruption, naming names and corporations involved. It might be interesting to see if the complaints from Iraq are the same as the complaints in Bahrain and Syria, or Argentina and the US... You would think that an international police group like Interpol would have a similar database, but they don't, just reported crimes. Transparency International lists countries in an index of most honest to most corrupt, but they don't compile all of the complaints, just count them. Perhaps once we capture Qaddafi, we can sit him down in a room with Mubarak, Baby Doc Duvalier, and Laurent Gbagbo, and question them on their favorite forms of corrupt practices. Maybe call it the Dictator's Manifesto... forward by Lil' Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud...

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