Friday, April 1, 2011

Short Rant on Dictators and the New Republican Party

Paul Krugman
Dana Milbank
Steve Coll

Top Ten Ways Muammar Qaddafi Can Improve His Image
10. Less murdering
9. Capture and return the Bronx Zoo cobra
8. Release hit novelty song "Muammar Said There'd Be Days Like This"
7. Promote himself from colonel to general
6. Bring back the Ukrainian nurse!
5. Share hairstyling tips for getting that coveted Philip Michael Thomas look
4. Replace Gilbert Gottfried as Aflac duck
3. Just for fun, throw in some more Q's
2. Go on tour with Hosni Mubarak as the "Original Dictators of Comedy"
1. Die

Looks like once the Libyan rebels found out that the US was not going to equip them with cool guns and technical toys, that France was going to lead them instead, they are ready to negotiate a ceasefire... How will Qaddafi face the other Arabian leaders now that he knows how they feel about him? He will become the stubborn thorn in all future regional negotiations, dressed in full pout...

Qaddafi's sons are trying to negotiate a government where they are in charge, right after they commit dear old dad to a nursing home, where he can be taken care of by some new nursies, dreams of kinky uniform fetishes that are being so rudely interrupted by the bombings over Tripoli.

The US is a bit grumpy, interview any old general or Secretary of Defense, and they'll tell you how much they don't want to get caught up in the Libyan quagmire. No, they really meant to find a way to manipulate proxies to heat up the situation in Syria. And we thought that al-Bashar was being dictatorially paranoid when he said there was a conspiracy afoot... There's so much more we can accomplish now that we are in the habit of hiring mercenaries. In fact, why don't we hire members of the talibans to act for us in places like Syria and Libya. Better yet, there aren't many of al-Qaeda left, let's pay them to become our mercenaries in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, and especially in Gaza. Offer them bank accounts instead of suicide vests, and it begins to look more attractive to those over 17 years old...

Funny thing about the mindset of a dictator, how they seem to enjoy taking away their citizens personal freedoms and intimidating them. It's a job for someone who has nurtured their sadistic side. What is the difference between the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Gaza and Syria and the Republican governors who are stripping the collective bargaining rights from their public workers? The tea party members of the House sound like Qaddafi when they say they will not negotiate, that Democrats had better give them what they want or they will shut down the government. Sounds more like a dictatorship and less a democracy to me...

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