Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hire Stanley McChrystal as Postmaster General, Iran Asks For Help, Christine Is The Zelig Of Delaware

Joe Conason
Henry Olson
Kevin Drum
"At the UN, President Obama called on other countries to help us track down and eliminate radicals and extremists. But they told Obama, 'Hey, the tea party is your problem, buddy.'" – Jay Leno

"These Tea Party groups are very conservative. In fact, 58 percent of Tea Party members now believe Joe Biden is a Muslim." – Jay Leno
"On the 'Today' show, President Obama said he supports having a longer school year. In response, Sasha and Malia announced they support Sarah Palin." – Jimmy Fallon

The cyber attack on the Iranian nuclear system's computers may turn out to be the largest attack of this nature. Iranian experts tried to get rid of it and made matters worse, causing it to spread to other systems. Today the government is asking experts in the West and East for their help. they're not getting much response because they won't allow anyone into the physical buildings of sensitive areas, which hampers the effectiveness of anyone wanting to help. their best bet would be the German security expert that first identified the Sstuxnet worm and seems to understand it better than anyone else. He also identified an obscure line of code that might imply that the worm was created by Israeli hackers.

Of course, we will now get articles telling us how vulnerable the US is to cyber attacks, that we are the global weakest link, but it will be tied to some new policy that wants to limit your access on the Internet. If John McCain introduces legislation on it, run the other way. In reality, we have some of the most secure systems in the world, mainly because some of them have weathered thousands of attempts to get past their security firewalls every year. Countries like China and Iran have groups whose sole job is to try and breach other countries systems, including private businesses and banks, so it's ironic and with a twisted sense of justice that Iran is having so much trouble with a computer virus. Who knows, maybe this issue will make them more hospitable to the West, especially if we end up helping them get rid of their virus...

Well, here's some good news, and I think this might be the first time this has ever happened. The PRC denied the recent request by the Post Office to raise their rates. They had filed the request as an emergency: "A 2006 law allows USPS to file an exigent -- urgently necessary -- case to raise prices beyond the rate of inflation if it can prove that "exceptional or extraordinary circumstances" warranted the increase."

Just about everyone in America feels that they could do a better job running the postal service than the people that are now in charge. Now that I think of it, the Post Office is probably the first government institution to piss people off. The Post Office and the FBI are the two groups that may have started the tea party, those arrogant bastards... Anyway, in the Postal Regulatory Committee's historic ruling, they said: "Though the recession and recent mail volume declines qualify as "exceptional or extraordinary circumstances" that could justify a price hike, the Postal Service's long-term structural problems are causing recent budget shortfalls." In other words, it's your own damned fault, you arrogant bastards. Maybe here is where Obama could use a man like General Stanley McChrystal, lets make him Postmaster General and create an counterinsurgent strategy for redesigning the institution and getting the citizens to trust it again, and he can take all the time he wants to make it work...

Christine With Ozzy, Feeling Witchy...
Wow, the most interesting Senate race is definitely taking place in Delaware, where the tea party candidate christine O'Donnell is proving to be the Zelig of politics. She has only this week rented space for a campaign office, preferring to run things out of her townhouse so that she could justify using her campaign donation to pay her mortgage payments. Her pro-abstinence, Christian non-profit organization is listed by the IRS as a deadbeat organization that hasn't filed any tax returns in over three years. She has lied on several of her resumes and web sites as having attended Oxford college and receiving a certificate from them. In reality, she attended a class provided by Phoenix University, a for-profit college that advertises heavily on the Internet, and it was held for a few days on the Oxford campus. Almost all of her campaign contributions are coming from outside of Delaware, and she hasn't been doing any campaigning inside of the state, preferring to hit up all of the Fox shows on television. I wonder what the citizens of Delaware will think of someone who constantly lies and won't meet with them in person?

No doubt that she is under the influence as the same people who are handling Sharron Angle's campaign in Nevada. Too bad they have forsaken Dan Maes here in Colorado, because he is one candidate who needs a makeover, poor guy. But whenever I start to feel sorry for him, I remember that he is a candidate for Governor, and that position is so out of his league of competence. The next step in a typical GOP slander campaign, is to create ads that demonize the Democratic candidate. Supporting anything that Barack Obama has done, is the worst decision he ever made, and that is bad for the state. You have been operantly trained over the last two years that anything associated with Barack Hussain Obama is inherently evil and will destroy the fabric of this nation, and voting for any Democratic candidate will only lead us further down the ungodly path to Hell... Have a nice day.

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